Rolling your luggage along is the solid way to travel. There may be people who prefer big duffels or even travel backpacks, but when it comes to comfort and convenience, the 4-wheel luggage is still king.

Many luggage brands make excellent suitcases. As a result, there is a wide variety of choices, ranging from different sizes, colors, durability, functionality, and quality.

It can be a bit confusing to wade through the wide selection of 4-wheeled suitcases available to you. Here is a guide that may help you figure out what to get, plus some favorite luggage from experienced travelers.

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What to Look for in a Suitcase

There are some of the things to consider when shopping for new luggage. While preferences differ from person to person, there are definitely some features that would serve you best.

And as you’re already aware, rolling luggage with 4 wheels is the most maneuverable and comfortable to travel within transportation hubs and cities. If you’re more of an explorer, travel backpacks are better for backpackers and expeditions.

Appropriate Size

What kind of traveler are you? Are you have a heavy packer or a minimalist jet setter? Picking the right size is an essential investment. Of course, you can always buy a two-piece luggage set of different sizes just in case you need it. However, if you have a limited budget, answering this question may make the decision easier.

Materials and Frame

Are you a fan of hard side or soft side luggage? This decision will be primarily based on the look that you are more inclined towards. Aside from aesthetics, it could also be a matter of durability and comfort.

Everyone wants a head-turning piece whenever they are at the airport, but having it falling apart after a rough journey is also a concern.

Empty Weight

Airline luggage weight restrictions are hard to get around, but luggage manufacturers are now trying to make cases that maximize the number of items you can pack.

Of course, there is a payoff between durability and weight. Opting for stronger but heavier luggage should be up to you, especially when you have thought about how much you are willing to spend on your vacation or business trip.

Organization Systems

Organization is everything during the painful packing process. Many luggage designs have their own gimmick to make sure you see where everything is in your suitcase. Zippered mesh pockets, padded laptop compartments, built-in packing cubes, compressing straps, and the list goes on.


Getting things stolen from your luggage is a pain, especially because you know you should have added extra measures to prevent those things.

Thankfully, many luggage designers have their way of making sure your items are safe. Whether going with sturdy, traditional zippers or metal clasps and TSA-approved locks so you don’t have to buy external locks, saving you time and money.

Are you ready to dive into the world of suitcase shopping? Look no further than our detailed guide below.

Best Rolling Suitcases with 4 Wheels

1. Arlo Skye The Frame Check-In and Carry-On

View checked and cabin luggage on Arlo Skye.

This fashion-forward, millennial favorite brand’s The Frame series has got it going on. It should be evident from its number of fans that this sleek set is a real winner for heavy travelers.

The sturdy aluminum frame (that is probably the reason for its namesake) keeps the entire rolling luggage body sturdy and intact, no matter the airport or rail station you pass through. It also helps that instead of the usual, vulnerable zipper track, they have replaced it with an aluminum frame secured with clasp locks. Only the right combination will get to your belongings.

While the polycarbonate exterior of the suitcase is well taken care of, Arlo Sky didn’t skip out on making the inside fully featured as well. Anti-microbial lining inside of the bag makes sure that your clothes and other personals are clean and fresh on the go.

The luggage also comes with leather name tags, laundry, and shoe bags, plus a cotton storage cover to ensure that your luggage is safe when you are just chilling at home.

2. Bric’s Bellagio Check-In and Carry-On

View checked and cabin luggage on Bric’s.

Bring Milanese style wherever you go with this chic set from Bric’s. The vintage design is an heirloom from the early days of travel and will go with most outfits. It also comes in a variety of different, beautiful colors.

Of course, you are free to decide on which color works for you. However, the cream set is the most classic of them all.

The iconic silhouette is made from high-quality materials that maintain the balance between lightweight and sturdy form factors.

Bric’s also has several rolling, stylish carry-on and checked luggage sets.

3. Montblanc #MY4810 Medium Trolley and Cabin

View checked and cabin luggage on Montblanc.

Montblanc is well known for its pens, but they have dipped into other lifestyle products with their sense of style. This wonderfully sturdy polycarbonate set has sumptuous leather detailing that mixes functionality and luxury.

It’s not just the exterior design because the internal design is also made to make you feel like a pampered jet setter. Jacquard lining with hexagonal motif makes sure you remember that you have a Montblanc in your hands.

Aside from all the aesthetic additions, as 4-wheeled luggage, it performs very well, especially for those who want a good and reliable set whenever they need it. It’s practical rolling luggage, with all the bells and whistles for any traveler.

4. Nomatic Check-In and Carry-On Pro

View checked and cabin luggage on Nomatic.

If you are not a flashy person but find it essential to have technologically advanced travel gear, the Nomatic set might be right up your alley. This is because the designers put a lot of thought about the tools that a modern traveler brings with them on their adventures. Your delicate electronics are sure to be safe in such a case.

This luggage is made from durable polycarbonate with a comprehensive internal organization system. They also want to ensure your items are safe and secure with TSA-approved locks and YKK zippers. This set just works and is readily used by any traveler.

5. Paravel Aviator Grand & Carry-On

View on Paravel.

Have you ever heard of a carbon-neutral luggage set? That’s now a possibility thanks to Paravel’s travel and lifestyle offering. It has a vintage style that will make people think you come from a family of explorers. 

There are various colorways available, all set in recycled plastic, true to the company’s heart for the environment.

This award-winning design is not just popular for lovers of the environment, but hardcore travelers as well. It has a roomy design that can be excellent to use with packing cubes included with the case. The Aviator set has everything you need for a fuss-free eco-friendly trip.

6. Rimowa Essential Check-In and Sleeve Cabin

View checked and cabin luggage on Rimowa.

Rimowa is a recognizable luxury brand that has a famous name in engineering. You will be sure that you will have a good experience with this sleek set. 

The popular Essential design fits all the needs of different travelers and is likely to serve you well like it has many other people. It has a heavy-duty look despite its lightweight materials, making this a good investment for people who tend to overpack.

On the subject of aesthetics, people will immediately recognize the set. The luxury carry-on and checked suitcases can set you apart even further if you want, because it comes with a number of both bold and minimalistic colorways. You will be hard-pressed to find a more iconic modern luggage set.

7. TravelPro x Travel + Leisure Luggage Set

View the Leisure Set on TravelPro.

What do you get when you put together the brilliant ideas of the most travel-focused minds in the industry? You get a luggage set that any jet setter would be proud to bring around.

The TravelPro x Travel + Leisure collaboration comes in a minimalistic style that emphasizes heavy-duty durability. It has a polycarbonate exterior, made even more unique with a beautiful texture and protected luggage corners. Both features make sure to hide the wear and tear of your luggage over time.

You will also get excellent security thanks to the TSA locks integrated into the case. The integrated organization system includes pockets and an expandable feature that allows you to bring more on your trip or bring home more souvenirs.

8. Tumi Worldwide Checked and International Carry-On

View checked and cabin luggage on Tumi.

Tumi is well-known for sleek black designs available in nylon and leather — though their rolling suitcase offerings give an even wide selection in terms of design and color.

A favorite of business-class travelers, there is a certain modern prestige that their selection holds. The Worldwide set is so named after their excellent travel performance so that you can take them anywhere.

But looks aren’t just what is in Tumi’s wheelhouse because they equip them with various helpful features. The ballistic nylon case is equipped with various organizational pockets, impact-resistant sides, and bumper rails. The unique TUMI Tracer feature allows you to ID your luggage and prevent any headache-inducing lost luggage situations.


Remember, your luggage should be your best friend during your entire trip. While investing in the best rolling luggage sets means that they can surely take a beating, you also need to ensure they are well taken care of.

A trusty 4-wheel, rolling luggage set is the hallmark of experienced travelers. Once you have a conclusive set that you use for all your trips, you will find that you don’t need any more suitcases. Traveling with a suitcase from the best luggage brands will make sure that you are set to go for your next adventure, no matter what.