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Last updated on June 29th, 2023

Getting around in style means packing up with the perfect luggage. But these days, you do not have to settle for one piece to get the job done — now you can get these fantastic, coordinated sets. They are usually made with the same style and construction, ensuring you have a cohesive look when you roll out into the airport. After all, it is not enough that your luggage should hold all your stuff. The extra features and a great aesthetic look will make you feel like a private jet owner.

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Best Overall 2-Piece Luggage Set: Paravel Aviator Grand & Carry-On

Best Carry-On 2-Piece Luggage Set: Rockland Fashion Softside 2-Piece Carry-On

Why Invest in a 2-Piece Luggage Set?

Here are some reasons:

  • Aesthetics. A matching set is always more attractive than lugging around two very different-looking pieces of luggage.
  • Organization. Since these 2 pieces are similar and made of the same material and organization set-ups, it’s excellent for your packing strategy.
  • Safety. The worst thing that could happen is misplacing your bag because you missed it, lost it, or got mixed up with another traveler. You can avoid this mishap by getting a matching set.
  • Price. Luggage sets tend to offer a bundled discount.

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Two-piece luggage sets are not a new phenomenon, but people have just been focused on investing in one piece or another, depending on their travel style. This option makes sure there are no compromises when you fly or sail out. Read on to find some of the best 2 in 1 deals on the travel market.

Which is better, hard or softside luggage?

The choice between hard or softside luggage largely depends on personal preference and travel needs. Here are some factors to consider:

Hard Luggage:

  1. Protection: Hard luggage, made from materials like polycarbonate or ABS plastic, offers better protection for fragile items.
  2. Water Resistance: Hard cases are more water-resistant and protect your belongings in rain or snow.
  3. Durability: High-quality hard luggage can resist impacts and typically has a longer lifespan.
  4. Security: Many hard suitcases come with integrated locks, providing an extra layer of security.

However, hard luggage may show scratches and dents more easily, and it only offers a little flexibility if you need to squeeze in that one last item.

Soft Luggage:

  1. Flexibility: Soft luggage is usually expandable and can accommodate extra items.
  2. Easy to Store: They can be compressed slightly into tight overhead bins or car trunks.
  3. Lightweight: Soft luggage tends to be lighter than hard luggage, which could be beneficial when dealing with airline weight restrictions.
  4. Organizational Compartments: Soft suitcases often have outer pockets for storing items you need to access quickly.

However, soft luggage provides less protection for fragile items and is more susceptible to damage from rough handling or adverse weather conditions.

In summary, if you’re carrying valuable or fragile items, a hard suitcase might be the better option. But if you need flexibility and lots of pockets, a soft bag could be the way to go. Consider your travel needs and choose accordingly.

11 Best 2-Piece Luggage Sets

1. Paravel Aviator Grand & Carry-On & Packing Cubes

Paravel Aviator Grand & Carry-On & Packing Cubes 2-piece luggage set

View on Paravel

Paravel has designed this excellent set with serious, no-nonsense travelers in mind. It comes in a series of fashionable and sophisticated colorways that any fashionista will appreciate.

The carbon-neutral company has designed a piece that is both eco-friendly and competitive with higher-end, carbon-intensive brands.

Featuring the award-winning Aviator design and packing cubes made from recycled plastic, it’s hard to resist the heart and the charm of this marvelous combo.

Better yet, the exteriors resist the scuffs and marks of travel and feature a roomy interior that you’ll have fun organizing, with all the necessary materials in tow.

2. Kenneth Cole Reaction Out Of Bounds

Kenneth Cole Reaction Out Of Bounds 2-piece luggage set

View on Amazon

Kenneth Cole puts their hat in the ring for a reliable hardside, 2-piece luggage set. It features a surprisingly diverse color palette, with cool neutrals and bright hues — perfect for different personalities on the go.

It has multidirectional spinner wheels that encourage 360-degree movement, making lugging around your belongings an effortless task. 

Made of ABS material and fully lined interiors, this simple set is enough to protect the belongings that you bring along on every trip.

The molded feet on each also help travelers keep this lovely set safe and sound from scuffs and marks brought about by mishandling.

3. Travelpro x Travel + Leisure Carry-On/Medium

Travelpro x Travel + Leisure Carry-On/Medium two-piece suitcase combo

View on TravelPro

Is your aesthetic all about sleek and luxe items? The minimalistic yet heavy-duty style of the Travelpro set might be right up your alley. The polycarbonate exterior has a gentle texture and corner armors that can take a beating but will hide away the eventual battle scars of heavy travel.

Integrated TSA locks and an interior packing space house many organization pockets will help you keep all your items — from essential documents to little knick-knacks — safe and sound during your travel. 

The expandable bag offers up to 2 inches of extra space. You will smoothly roll to a wonderful trip with the help of the PrecisionGlide system and Magnatrac wheels.

The Travelpro x Travel + Leisure comes with a luxury carry-on and a check-in suitcase.

4. Amazon Basics Premium Hardside Spinner

Amazon Basics 2-piece Premium Hardside Spinner set

View on Amazon

It may sound basic, but the quality is superior for inexpensive suitcases. The Amazon Basics combo features a 2-piece hardside luggage set made from premium polycarbonate (as opposed to the typical ABS construction of less expensive sets).

It comes in a variety of stylish colors to fit your personal style. The sturdy exterior holds a roomy interior that includes a divider, compression pad, and interior organizer with 3 separate zippered pockets to avoid lost and displaced items.

The best part is that it is also expandable, a feature that you will not see in a lot of cheaper luggage. This allows the body to hold more within, should you have an unexpected shopping spree at the end of your trip.

5. Rockland Fashion Softside 2-Piece Carry-On

Rockland Fashion Softside 2-Piece Carry-On luggage set

View on Amazon

Sometimes, a rugged soft side number is your best bet. People who love crazy and stylish prints will love Rockland’s outlandish offerings. From plain colors to cute polka dots to wild animal prints, there is something for everyone.

Aside from the fun prints, the fabric offers serious protection and longevity: it is made of EVA-molded high-count fabric designed to withstand wear and tear.

The matching 2-piece carry-on luggage, a roller case and a tote, are made for the busy traveler’s ultimate convenience.

Padded top and side grip handles make carrying the set a breeze, and its heavy-duty hardware and reliable zippers make sure everything is in the right place, away from prying eyes and hands.

6. Samsonite Aspire Xlite Softside Expandable Luggage

Samsonite Aspire Xlite Softside 2-piece Expandable Luggage blue dream

View on Amazon

When you hear the name “Samsonite,” you know you are in for the masters of travel bags. This 2-piece luggage set is no exception. The softside case brings all the sturdiness that you need for your regular trips.

What it can lack in glamour, it makes up for with its ultra-lightweight polyester construction that ensures to last trip after trip. Your airport waits will be made bearable with the multidirectional spinner wheels and padded handles, making handling and transporting your important belongings an easy task.

To fight the strenuous flight, the most delicate items can be secured in place with the interior cross straps and other organizational features with this great two-in-one luggage deal.

7. American Tourister Moonlight

American Tourister Moonlight two-piece luggage set pink

View on Amazon

If your style is more on the chic, carefree side, let out your inner free spirit with this excellent set from American Tourister. Aside from the typical luggage neutrals and metallics, the Moonlight set also features fun and unique prints that will make you stand out from the crowd.

The medium luggage and carry-on set have a full book-opening style case, making it easy to access all belongings and organize stuff to perfection.

The inner organization system also aids in making sure everything is in its place. The locking handles and multidirectional oversized spinner wheels also ensure the push-and-pull of this case is as easy as pie. It can also be expanded to 1.5 inches, making this an excellent choice for those who tend to over-pack.

8. Travel Select Amsterdam Expandable Rolling Upright

2-piece Travel Select Amsterdam Expandable Rolling Upright

View on Amazon

Do you make it a habit to clean your luggage free from the grime and grit of travel? This Travel Select 2-piece luggage set may be for you.

Highlighting a polyester construction with PVC backing, it resists the roughest jousts of travel and only needs a spot clean on its soft side exterior. Featuring some neutral but distinct color palettes, this is a great set for those who believe in simple styles — both for spinner and tote.

Strap down all your belongings with the interior strap-in set that makes sure nothing will fly out and damage the rest of your belongings.

9. Rockland Melbourne

Rockland Melbourne 2-piece luggae set, blue and yellow

View on Amazon

Rockland believes in the classic luggage design, and that is probably why they pumped out a huge number of colorways — to give classic travelers even more options to express themselves.

The spinner check-in and carry-on in this set both feature sturdy ABS material and multidirectional spinner wheels. The handle is also reinforced with the ergonomic telescoping handle that can withstand the load you add to the body of the luggage. Over packers and holiday shoppers will delight in the expandable form-factor.

10. Samsonite Winfield 2

Samsonite Winfield 2 charcoal 2-piece luggage set

View on Amazon

Yet another Samsonite set on our list, the Winfield is a heavy-duty design that might not be for all travelers, but it caught the eye of serious ones. It also comes in a variety of colors and finishes to match your personality.

The brushed finish makes it a more dignified, high-quality design that effectively hides unsightly scuffs and marks. The two pieces feature side-mounted TSA locks that make sure everything is safe and secure. The multidirectional spinners and 1.5-inch expansion capacity make sure your trip is a breeze from start to finish.

11. Travelpro Maxlite 5 Breakaway

Travelpro Maxlite 5 Breakaway - 2 pieces of luggage beige

View on Amazon or Travelpro

Here is Travelpro’s 2-piece softside offer, which also comes in various colorways to emphasize style. This is perfect for those who prefer this light but sturdy style.

Both the spinner check-in and carry-on have an excellent handle and expansion system, making sure to take away the pains of faulty rolling and dead space luggage interiors. In addition, both also have full-length interior lid pockets, providing you with reliable access to your luggage and all your belongings.


If style is important when you travel, then getting a 2-piece luggage set is a no-brainer and a time saver. Getting these sets will allow you to coordinate and organize your jet-setting lifestyle with ease and fashionably. Being coordinated is always the style option that turns heads and aids organization, so it’s a hard case to argue when there are great options available.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a 2-piece baggage allowance?

A 2-piece baggage allowance refers to the airline or train luggage policy where a passenger is allowed to check in two pieces of luggage as part of their travel fare. The total combined weight of these two bags usually must be, at most, the airline’s stipulated weight limit, which can vary from one airline to another. The dimensions of each piece also need to be within the airline’s size restrictions. This type of baggage allowance is often found on long-haul or international flights.

What’s the best 2-piece carry-on luggage set?

If you’re looking for a new 2-piece carry-on luggage set, you’ll want to check out Rockland’s offering. The soft shell provides flexibility, while the rubberized corners protect against wear and tear. The skate wheels make navigating busy airports a breeze, and the adjustable handle ensures comfort for multiple users. The interior boasts valuable features like cross straps to keep your belongings secure, a fully lined interior for added protection, and a convenient mesh pocket for organization. Plus, the self-repairing zipper means you won’t constantly fuss with it. Overall, the Rockland 2-Piece Carry-On Set is the best 2-piece carry-on luggage set.

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