Photography 101


Read the above photography tutorials to get a quick start with your photography hobby or profession. The articles were written for beginners with limited or no knowledge of digital photography.

It’s not necessary to attend photography classes in person. I’ve only taken one in-person photography class when I first bought my Canon Rebel DSLR about 6 years ago. I was overwhelmed by the number of camera functions and I didn’t really understand the camera modes.

Since then, most of my learning and studying of photography has been on the field. It’s important to keep shooting and take as many photos as you can in different lighting and weather conditions.

I supplement my on-field practice with online photography tutorials. Free online photography content and video is the way to go. It’s cost-effective since several mediums are free: YouTube and blogs. I’ve also used Lynda to learn.

Understanding Aperture, ISO, and shutter speed is crucial in fast tracking your photography progress. Make sure to be familiar with the theory and practice with these settings. You may not understand all of it at once, but if you keep shooting, you’ll eventually master it.

HDR Photography

Image of Phnom Bakheng, which was photographed in Cambodia using HDR techniques and edited with Photomatix.