Last updated on April 14th, 2022

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Every jet setter knows the importance of a quality luggage brand. Some frequent flyers become loyal customers for years on end — this kind of loyalty is not something other brands could achieve. By the power of travel, these sought-after names rose into their current and everlasting fame.

The following brands have become symbolic of the love of travel and high-quality, high-technology offerings for the adventurous audience. The market is flooded with many similar-looking products in various styles and qualities — but why is it that these brands have stood the test of time and remained household names?

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What Makes a Great Luggage Brand?


Luggage design and creation is a craft that is passed down from generation to generation. Many brands on the list have been in the business for several years. Good reputations come by quickly when you have stood the test of time. And for those who are much younger, coming out of the torrent of trendy travel products is always a sign of a good brand.


What is cheap luggage? One that falls apart after one trip. Luggage is meant to take a beating while in transit. These pieces are meant to protect your belongings and the memories you will take from your trip to back home. You will notice many people still pack vintage luggage sets. That is the goal and the mark of a brand that knows how to make beautiful and practical luggage.

Future Forward

We have talked about the longevity of good craftsmanship and the physical form of high-quality luggage. But something that also makes a great luggage brand is their willingness to innovate. After all, the travel industry will be moving rapidly after the pandemic.

Technology is continuously making our lives easier and faster. Luggage needs to adapt to this change. So you will see bags that have GPS trackers, sleek gadget pockets, and more. Brands that understand this high-speed travel game continue to attract the adventurous travelers of today.

Without further ado, here are some of the greatest and most famous luggage brands, trusted by the most extensive travelers of our time.

10 Best Luggage Brands


Rimowa Luggage brand Cabin Carry-On blue color

The Rimowa brand has a striking design that you will recognize anywhere. Its deep belief in its legacy of excellent German engineering has led many people to patronize these beautiful rigid hard cases. Headquartered out of Cologne and founded in 1898, the fame of this company, even outside of the travel niche, is awe-inspiring.

They are known for their tough but sleek and minimalist designs, which are available in a variety of materials and colors. Their pieces are also known to be as durable as the legacy of the brand. While respecting their long history, they also are not afraid to add innovations and changes to their crowd favorites, especially in the technological arena.

Their most well-known model is called the “Original” — a name as iconic as its status. From this base design, they have spun this recognizable aesthetic into different lines like the “Essential” and the “Classic,” offering more customized versions to fit the needs of a wider audience of travelers.

For fashionistas, Rimowa also collaborates with fashion designers and luxury brands like Christian Dior and Chaos.



Milan is one of the world’s fashion capitals, so it is no surprise a luxury travel brand came from its highly stylish culture.

BRIC’S was started in 1952 by Mario Briccola in Northern Italy — an enterprising region in Europe known for its high-quality leathers and dedicated artisans. Today, the company is still run by the same family, protecting heritage and a legacy worth keeping around.

They are known for their distinct boxy shapes and stylish detailing. They’ve also introduced polycarbonate luggage in their lineup that still lines up with their quality standards.

Some of their most well-known specialty models are the Bellagio — a vintage-inspired design that has weathered many seasons. National Geographic has praised its classic design and construction, naming it as the ultimate luxury travel bag. It is available in various sizes and colors, so you will be sure to find a new classic for your travels in a BRIC’S store.


Travelpro® x Travel + Leisure® Carry-On Expandable Spinner

The name already says it all: Travelpro is a brand for travelers made by travelers. Casual jet setters often turn to this practical brand when making an investment toward their travel gear. 

Based in Florida and established in 1987, the brand is well known for its expansive catalog of travel accessories, and high-quality, attainable bags and luggage.

Because they have such a vast catalog of offerings for the everyday traveler, it’s easy to forget that they are also dedicated to having durable bags. While the styles that they offer are pretty much on the basic side, they still get the job done and have made many customers happy for years.

This practical brand even has a line specially made for flight crew and aviation professionals. That is how you know a brand is serious about travel — it highlights the most ultimate of all air travelers in the world.


Montblanc silver carry-on luggage

A Montblanc pen marks a worldly entrepreneur who keeps their signatures and deals as seriously and stylish as themselves. So it’s no wonder that the German luxury goods company has found a lot of success in their various lifestyle ventures — including luggage and travel accessories.

Montblanc luggage products are made of high-performance polycarbonate and are often accompanied by soft leather detailing. They always deliver an understated look to any travel outfit and won’t fail you by breaking down. You can be sure that your belongings are perfectly safe, whether in cargo or the cabin.

Their trolley line of luggage features a sleek and practical look that will never look out of place among your belongings. The best part is that they perfectly match their line of other travel accessories, including passport covers, organizer clutch bags, and the ever-important pen, of course.


Paravel Luggage brand Aviator Carry-On Plus

Another young brand capturing the spirit of the young jet setter, Paravel, hosts a slew of travel accessories in understated but charming colors. 

Who said that basics were boring? This brand’s spin on old-school luggage feels distinctly fashion-forward, thanks to their choices of details and palettes.

Speaking of choices, they are also well-known for their dedication to sustainability — with all their products fashioned from environmentally-friendly materials. This decision is not a light one to make, but the brand has stood by this and details their code of social responsibility thoroughly on their website and social media.

The Aviator Series of sustainable wheeled luggage mixes the modern and the vintage, resulting in a charming luggage line that packs many personalities. For a brand launched in 2016, their style is already distinct and can stand out from the crowd — a fashion statement for their customers.


Arlo Skye The Zipper Carry-On Max with Front Pocket

One of the younger brands on this list, Arlo Skye, based out of New York, oozes the cool busy-body vibe of its city. Founded in 2015, this venture-backed company is focused on creating smart luggage with stylish details at a reasonable price.

They are known for their polycarbonate and aluminum luggage pieces. They even released a design that they claim will make it all the way to space. This is a contemporary brand that has a sense of humor and doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Despite not being an overpriced luxury brand, they have earned a loyal following of travelers who like their minimalist aesthetics and attainable price points.

They have done many fun-loving artistic collaborations. The most recent one is Dusen Dusen, a millennial-focused home lifestyle brand.

The youthful spirit and pared-down style are the favorites of no-nonsense travelers who just want to see the world.


NOMATIC Carry-On Pro

The American brand NOMATIC is all about functionality, and this value proposition is seen everywhere, from their products to their marketing.

Based in Utah and born of successful Kickstarter campaigns, the founding cousins started off with the ultimate everyday wallet and spun off their spirit of innovation into various lifestyle products.

Being a brand with its ear closer to the ground, plus having grown its business in the internet age, NOMATIC prides itself on listening to its fans and customers. This importance of feedback and real-world utility is evident in each design — preferring minimalist style to excellent organization and easy-to-reach pockets.

Their various backpacks and camera bags have received attention for being extremely practical and accessories that still hit the style mark. In the luggage arena, they have taken on their functional philosophy and ran with it.

You can still see the backpack’s influence on the design and utility of their luggage. This brand is definitely for young travelers and business people on the go — who cannot let any second go to waste on their major trips.


Samsonite Novaire Extra Large Spinner

Business travelers, often caught between flights, know what a relief a day without hitches is like. The sleek line of Samsonite bags, from backpacks to totes to full-sized luggage, has captured people’s loyalty on the go.

With their wide variety of choices, people have collections of these reliable travel accessories cycling through their trips all year round.

Samsonite has luggage for all kinds of travelers. Softsides and hardsides, polycarbonate to polyester, these various materials were fashioned into varieties of suitcases.

One of the brand’s strengths is its extensive catalog of styles and designs, so you will be sure to find the piece that matches your mood, personality, and travel style.

Even with their minimalistic aesthetic, they have had their share of injecting creative juices into the world of luggage design. One of their most iconic styles was a collaboration with the late fashion designer Alexander McQueen, who took their durable luggage styles to couture fashion heights.


Tumi International Expandable 4 Wheeled Carry-On

Tumi’s iconic black nylon or leather bags are the envy of many travelers. The American company has taken luxury lovers by storm, and their sleek carry-ons and cargo luggage mix aesthetic and functionality in a way that pro travelers love. Tumi is well known in the travel niche, and you’re likely to come across their brand on every trip.

Their catalog is filled with various styles, each fashioned with a specific kind of traveler in mind. While they have a fun, fresh palette for people who love colors in their luggage, their iconic black looks have been the focus of many shoppers. It definitely gives a luxury feel to any trip, even if it’s a more affordable brand than other high-fashion offerings.


Swiss Army luggage Connex Medium Hardside Case

Maybe the first image in your head when you think of Victorinox is a Swiss Army Knife. This could be one reason why their luggage and other travel accessories have been doing quite well.

The brand recall of the reliable set of survival tools could be encouraging people to patronize their bags. And this should not come as a surprise. Their dedication to functionality and durability transfers to their other products, too.

The Swiss brand was founded in 1884, focusing primarily on its multitool knives. They have also gained acclaim for their luxury watches. But it’s in their luggage and bag lines that have a lot of potentials.

Their designs are clearly geared for those who love clean and simple shapes. Their Lexicon line of sturdy polycarbonate hardsides have the sleek minimalist style that no-nonsense travelers love, but the included insignia in the middle of the piece is a symbol of craftsmanship and a history of excellence.

Honorable Mentions


Travel is incomplete without the best luggage. Thankfully, many brands offer high-quality travel products, which cater to all sorts of styles and personalities.

With the number of reputable brands in the market today, you’re sure to find the one that will suit your travel style, lifestyle, and your personality.