Photography software allows you to add different types artistic touches to your images.

Some of these image-editing changes can be done fairly quickly, while others take a bit of time and experimenting. The different post-processing versions of an image is only limited by your imagination.

But if you’re looking for more ideas than what you can think of, then you should consider presets. They provide visual effects that you may have not thought of before, and as usual, they’ll save time in your photography workflow.

In this ON1 Effects review, I’ll be discussing some of the looks and styles the software provides and if it’s right for you.

ON1 Effects Review

ON1 Effects 2020 is a curated collection of popular looks and styles throughout photography. This standalone software has over 210 effects you can choose from.

They work pretty much like Lightroom presets. However, these effects have layers; you’ll be able change their opacity or strength as well as make some individual adjustments to the effects.

The software doesn’t have the regular tone and color settings most image editors. ON1 Effects mainly works only as a preset. On the other hand, it’s meant to be integrated or used as an app with Photo RAW, which is ON1’s main image management and editing software. You can read the review of Photo RAW here.

ON1 Effects 2020 can also be used as a Photoshop or Lightroom plugin.

Files types supported: RAW, DNG, PSD, PSB, TIFF, JPEG, PNG, and HEIC.

on1 effects before imageon1 effects after image
Sun Flare Effect

ON1 Effects 2020 List

  • B&W Alternative
  • B&W Faded & Matte
  • B&W Films
  • B&W Modern
  • Cinema
  • Color Film
  • Color Grade
  • Color Twist
  • Cool Ocean
  • Culinary
  • Dark Forest
  • Golden Autumn
  • Gritty Portrait
  • Hot Desert
  • Instant Film
  • Minimalist
  • Pastel
  • Retro
  • Street
  • Sun Glow
  • Vivid Landscape
on1 effects before image 2on1 effects afer image 2
B&W Films Effect


ON1 Effects 2020 costs $49.99 and is sometimes on sale for $39.99.


The software is able to produce eye-catching photos quickly with one click. And it comes with a decent package with a variety of artistic-type presets.

I do recommend ON1 Effects 2020, however, it does cost a lot for $49.99. You get more value out of it if you buy Photo RAW 2020, which includes Effects and can also be used to replace Lightroom.

If you’re only interested in presets, and you already have Lightroom, then checkout my free Lightroom presets.

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