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Global Rescue, established in 2004, is one of the pioneer companies in the travel services industry. It has expertise in crisis response, medical, and safety evacuation. Global Rescue’s highly trained teams of physicians, nurses, critical care paramedics, and military special veterans have played a pivotal role in its success. Also, it has exclusive relationships with the Johns Hopkins Department of Emergency Medicine Division of Special Operations, Elite Medical Group, and Partners HealthCare.

In this globally connected era, the significance of travel assistance cannot be underestimated. Each year, the number of people who travel internationally grows, including people from all walks of life, solo or traveling with family. Sometimes, traveling to new places where security can be a concern can be distressing.

However, having reliable travel assistance provides passengers with peace of mind and ensures that travelers can avail themselves of speedy assistance in such scenarios. In addition, Global Rescue offers IMG Signature Travel Insurance to its customers who want standard medical insurance without specialized evacuation services, which can cover unexpected mishaps: trip cancellation/interruption protection, medical bill coverage, late/lost baggage, and other travel benefits.

This Global Rescue review highlights the company’s overview, membership plans, pricing options, customer satisfaction, and overall dynamics of the travel insurance industry.


Overview of Global Rescue

Overview of Global Rescue

1. Medical Evacuation Services

Global Rescue offers medical evacuation services that aim to swiftly move critically ill or injured members to the nearest medical facility or home hospital of choice. Expert teams, including paramedics, nurses, and physicians, provide specialized medical consultations and field rescues.

2. Security and Crisis Response

Considering the increasing complexity of global travel, Global Rescue provides security evacuation and crisis response services to help members in various circumstances, such as natural disasters, terrorist attacks, or civil unrest. Their security personnel are comprised of veterans from the military, law enforcement, and intelligence services who are ready to recover members from high-risk destinations.

3. Travel Risk Intelligence

Global Rescue strives to mitigate risk by arming members with travel risk intelligence, which includes destination reports, alerts, and personalized risk assessments. Destination reports and event alerts help travelers make informed decisions.

4. Emergency Medical Services

In addition to evacuation, Global Rescue provides emergency medical services, such as remote telemedicine consultations, medical monitoring, and coordinating all the in-hospital care activities. Through its world-class network of trained medical-worthy facilities, the company ensures its members can access the best care anywhere in the world.

Key Features Global Rescue

Membership Plans Overview

Personal Memberships

Travel Services
Travel services include field rescue, security membership, medical evacuation, destination reports, event alerts, medical and security advisory, and easy access to the My Global Rescue Mobile App.

There are several types of memberships: Annual, Short-term (7,14, and 30-day options), Extended Plan Memberships (for individuals aged 75-85), and Student Membership.

IMG Signature Travel Insurance covers you for accidental and medical expenses plus helps you protect your trip’s value up to $100,000 with cancellation options.

Additionally, Travel assistance is included in the Global Rescue Memberships such as:
1. Visa and passport services
2. Translation services in 190 languages
3. Legal service location in 160 countries
4. Logistics management and coordination

TotalCare Telehealth
TotalCare Telehealth includes all the services included in a travel membership and immediate access to medical expert teams for real-time video consultations and treatment.

Enterprise Memberships

Enterprise memberships offer risk management services to businesses and organizations. These customizable services include Risk Mitigation for Business Travelers, Corporate Duty of Care, and Grid 2.0.

Pricing Options for Global Rescue Memberships

Pricing Options for Global Rescue Memberships

Global Rescue deploys the way its membership subscription cost varies among travelers with different needs and duration for individuals, families, and organizations to choose the appropriate structure. Price is different depending on whether it is medical, security, or both cover, as well as the duration of the subscription (7-day short-term membership to the plan lasting a year).

Short-term memberships are perfect for travelers who are soon going on a journey, and the price starts at a low rate. For example, for a week’s coverage. These limited-time plans are the first good choice for thrill-seekers and experts who need fast and full-service help without signing up for a long-lasting membership.

Short term memberships

Annual memberships present the best overall value for repeat travelers by creating everyday tranquility all year round. While the cost might seem higher initially, they save travelers a lot of money on multiple trips and extended stays abroad.

The family plan is created for that purpose; it provides easy and affordable coverage for all family members. Pricing is directly connected to the added hardship and possible need for different treatments while ensuring that every family member is insured under a tailored plan that covers all eventualities.

Group and corporate memberships are scaled according to the entity’s needs and dimensions. Pricing is tailored for the number of members entitled and the level of comprehensiveness required for insurance based on the organization’s risk profile and travel patterns.

Global Rescue highlights clear and tailored pricing, making people curious about membership fees turn to their customer support staff for precise estimates regarding their adventures and travel duration.

While different factors influence the IMG Signature Travel cost, a 35-year-old traveling to Costa Rica will pay at least $106 for 31 days of coverage.

Global Rescue’s Network of Partnerships

Collaboration with Healthcare Professionals

Global Rescue staff has shaped an intercontinental cooperation network with top-rated medical institutions worldwide. Equipping members with these advanced tools can get the same level of medical care at a regional hospital, even if they are away from home.

Interaction With Security and Crisis Management Institutions

The coordination activities in emergencies — Global Rescue is connected with the main security agencies worldwide to take all the necessary steps to give a well-coordinated response during emergencies. This partnership improves the effectiveness of evacuation training and crisis management and creates much-needed security for members.

Global Rescue partners with governments, organizations, and businesses, giving the company a powerful position in international crisis management. The company uses its networking and expertise to instigate risk management and immediately assists members whenever they face turbulent scenarios.

Global Rescue Review: Comparative Analysis in the Industry

Comparative Analysis in the Industry

Alternative to Global Rescue

MedjetAssist: Being a leading evacuation medical service provider, MedjetAssist uses a fast way to transport members to the hospital of their choice in their own country in case they need one while traveling. They have become a good alternative because they deal in medical remediation and cover both comprehensive short-term and annual plans.

Similarly to Global Rescue, Medjet Assist offers services that address medical problems, security issues, and travel hiccups. These services, undeniably, aim to keep travelers healthy and safe. Each player emerges as a remarkable one with specific characteristics that stand out and bear in mind the diverse and global aspect of travelers.

Assessing Global Rescue Against Other Travel Assistance Providers

One critical factor in Global Rescue’s success is its distinctive chain of attributes and services. Due to its holistic approach, Global Rescue stands out from the crowd of travel insurers and delivers services that go above and beyond traditional security and safety measures.

The rescue services provided by the company stand out above the rest, such as field rescue operations, emergency medical evacuations, and the remote entrance to a Global Rescue Intelligence Database. These perks provide travelers with a sense of safety through round-the-clock access to an English-speaking responder anywhere in the world, even in remote locations. 

Pricing Structures and the Value Offered to Members

Global Rescue offers various plans to suit single travelers or families as well as corporate and promotional groups. The pricing policy is aimed at competing favorably when rated with other providers.

However, this is understandable considering the depth, breadth, and range of services offered. Participants obtain a combination of either short-term crisis response or long-term travel risk and safety management schemes, indicating a tactical and well-thought-out approach to travel safety. 

Customer Satisfaction and Reviews

A glance through different online channels will show that Global Rescue occupies a positive place in the hearts of its members. Their stories often highlight the immediate response, professionalism, and quickness with which their services work during an emergency.

While there is always room to improve, the feedback mostly highlights a high level of member satisfaction, which proves that the company exceeds expectations in safety and security.

Challenges and Criticisms

Challenges and Criticisms

Potential Limitations of Global Rescue

  1. Geographic Restrictions and Exclusions: While Global Rescue provides coverage for most regions, some areas may be visibly restricted or even excluded from its services. Numerous factors, including unstable political situations, security concerns, or the absence of nonstop infrastructure, may cause these hurdles.
  2. Responding to Many Complaints and Being Attentive to Issues: The standard criticism of Global Rescue is perceiving the downside of its efficiency and the complexity of determining coverage limits during emergencies. These issues demonstrate, therefore, the importance of precise information and robust administration.

Steps to Increase Services Provided by Global Rescue

  1. Continuous Improvement Initiatives: Global Rescue has introduced the service improvement approach to ensure that the people are well served. These acts are available through investing in technology for efficient emergency response, expanding the network of partnerships, and regularly updating training protocols for the response teams.
  2. Feedback-incorporation and Customer-centric approach: Global Rescue considers the value of its customers by welcoming their input and endeavoring to utilize their remarks and criticism in its service enhancement endeavors. This dedication to constantly hearing and adapting gives the company several user-friendly updates on policies and services that show that Global Rescue cares about its members’ safety and satisfaction.


Global Rescue is a key player focusing on travel risk management and crisis response services. It is clear that this organization ensures its members’ security, safety, and well-being and is very willing to take you anywhere, regardless of where your journey may lead you.

Global Rescue has been a frontier provider of such support for people in need, using a broad range of services from evacuation in case of medical emergency to security assistance and even beyond. The good reviews, awards from the tourism sector, and the company’s never-ending desire to be better and changing make it more credible for global travel in the eyes of travelers.

While confronted with some challenges and accusations, Global Rescue’s promise of quality and actively demanding customer-oriented atmosphere suggests the organization’s pursuit of meeting the highest standards of safety and assistance in the travel business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns Global Rescue?

Global Rescue is a private company built by the vision of its CEO, Dan Richards, in 2004. As the CEO, Mr. Dan Richards steers the organization’s mandate to provide the best medical, security, evacuation, and travel risk management services to individuals, corporations, and governments worldwide. Under his tenure, Global Rescue has evolved into a significant brand in travel safety and crisis management, tapping the partnerships and networks to help serve their clients across the globe.

Does Global Rescue cover medical emergencies?

Global Rescue covers medical emergencies, which is its primary area of expertise. Among these are emergency medical evacuation and ground rescue from injuries. Patients can discuss their cases with healthcare providers and may also find themselves in a nearby hospital.

Such service assistance is essential in ensuring people get medical treatment during emergencies. Proactive health and safety is the core tenet of Global Rescue’s mission to provide world-class travel risk management programs.

What is IMG Signature Travel Insurance?

The Global Rescue membership provides advisory, field rescue, and evacuation services for medical emergencies, with the optional security evacuation add-on.

However, the separate IMG Travel Insurance provides trip cancellation/interruption protection, medical bill coverage, late/lost baggage coverage, and other travel benefits. It can be purchased individually or together.

Suppose you are only interested in the Medical Bill Coverage. In that case, you can avail yourself of Signature Travel Insurance, which covers accident and sickness medical expenses and can reimburse up to 100,000 USD.

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This Global Rescue review highlights the company's overview, membership plans, pricing options, customer satisfaction, and overall dynamics of the travel insurance industry.

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