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Photoshop is king when it comes to image editing. And it has been for 30+ years. Yeah, that’s a long time and hard to imagine. It’s older than some photographers reading this post.

But Photoshop is not only for photographers; graphic designers and artists use the tool also. The software is comprehensive and allows users to draw paintings or create logos, among other things.

This is why so many customers prefer to buy Photoshop outright, to get their hands on the best photography software while also saving money. But the question is can you get a perpetual license of Photoshop?

Can You Buy Photoshop Outright?

No, you can’t buy Photoshop outright. To use Photoshop, you need a subscription to one of Adobe’s Creative Cloud plans, which incur a monthly or annual fee.

Before Adobe’s Creative Cloud business model, it was possible to buy Photoshop outright. The Creative Cloud was initially launched in 2013, and Photoshop was offered through it around 2015.

To use Photoshop, you need to pay at least $9.99/month.

Photoshop subscription plans

Can You Buy Photoshop Elements Outright?

Adobe customers can still buy Photoshop Elements outright, but I advise against it. Photoshop Elements is a super stripped-down version of Photoshop and is not helpful for most photographers. It’s a waste of money, in my opinion. And when most people refer to Photoshop, and by that, I mean 99.9%, they are never referring to PS Elements.

Photoshop Elements costs $99.99 for a perpetual license, but there are way better software you can buy outright for more or less money, such as Capture One Pro, Luminar Neo, ON1 Photo RAW.

Photoshop Elements outright price: $99.99


The full version of Photoshop can not be bought outright and requires an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription. Photoshop Elements can still be bought outright.