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Last updated on November 13th, 2022

Traveling can be a huge pain in the neck — literally. Joking aside, the body does go through some strain when you are going on a trip. Whether you are in a car, a train, or a plane, being in a cramped space for an extended period is a stressful experience for some travelers.

This is especially true when you are the type of person who tries to make the long-haul traveling experience as comfortable as possible. Sleeping is a great idea when you are on a long trip, but it may not be the ideal experience.

Your seat might be too hard or even too soft, the angle of the headrest might be all wrong, or your head keeps flopping around and hitting the window — or worse, your neighbor.

One of the worst things to experience is a stiff neck from these sometimes uncomfortable travel experiences. How do you save your neck from strain while you travel? Thankfully, lots of travel technology has progressed to assure more comfort in the form of travel neck pillows.

At a Glance:

Bestselling Travel Neck Pillows

SaleBestseller No. 1
napfun Neck Pillow for Traveling, Upgraded Travel Neck Pillow for Airplane 100% Pure Memory Foam Travel Pillow for Flight Headrest Sleep, Portable Plane Accessories, Light Grey
15,384 Reviews
napfun Neck Pillow for Traveling, Upgraded Travel Neck Pillow for Airplane 100% Pure Memory Foam Travel Pillow for Flight Headrest Sleep, Portable Plane Accessories, Light Grey
  • PERFECT CHIN SUPPORT TRAVEL NECK PILLOW - This airplane pillow can better wrap your neck and free your chin, prevents the head from falling forward, relieves neck pain during travel.
  • BEST NECK PILLOW FOR TRAVELING - Unlike other travel pillows, This flight pillow can provide perfect support to protect the neck when you are sitting in the airplane, car, train, or bus.
Bestseller No. 2
Wolf Essentials Adult Cozy Soft Microfiber, Charcoal
  • PREMIUM COMFORT-Our luxurious crystal fleece neck pillow cover and super soft fiber filling will keep you cozy no matter where your nap happens. Our neck pillow offers perfect support that will keep your head, neck & shoulders from feeling fatigued.
  • VERSATILE – This travel pillow can provide extra support to protect the neck from pain when you are traveling by airplane, car, train, or bus. It can also be ideal for home when watching Netflix or reading on your favorite comfortable chair.
SaleBestseller No. 3
Travelon Deluxe Wrap N' Rest Pillow, Dark Gray/Light Gray, One Size
1,812 Reviews
Travelon Deluxe Wrap N' Rest Pillow, Dark Gray/Light Gray, One Size
  • Perfect for travel as it cradles neck, head and chin for full support while sleeping in a sitting position
  • U-Shape pillow with interlocking ends keeps pillow in place and prevents head from falling forward, no chin drop, no neck strain

Why Use a Travel Neck Pillow?

Many forms of travel have evolved to improve the comfort of passengers. Some trains and planes have done an excellent job at creating headrests that could work for many travelers, but of course, a custom solution that works just for specific individuals is the best. It would be a good idea to bring a travel neck pillow so that people have the best chance at creating a great travel experience.

Some people might dismiss the usefulness of the travel neck pillow because they were made for transit, but they are helpful as an extra pillow when in the hotel room, a footrest, a hot compress. There are a lot more ways to get mileage from this neat little accessory.

There are many complaints about how the typical u-shaped travel pillow hasn’t been the best innovation in the world and needs to progress further, but there have been brands and companies that have tried. Our review of travel neck pillows includes some favorites that have been tried and tested by jet setters everywhere.

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Best Travel Neck Pillows

1. AirComfy Inflatable Neck Travel Pillow

AirComfy Inflatable Neck Travel Pillow

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Many travel neck pillows offer little variety. Thankfully, here is an option that brings out curves and swerves designed for comfort — while also being portable.

The AirComfy Neck Travel Pillow is an inflatable neck pillow that doesn’t require you to blow into it or buy a pump. It has a built-in inflation mechanism that allows for easy inflation and deflation — making it easy to fit in your carry-on wherever you go.

It also comes with a micro-velvet cover that you can wash, so you will always have a hygienic and clean travel neck pillow to bring to each and every trip you have.

2. BCOZZY Chin Supporting Travel Pillow

BCOZZY Chin Supporting Travel Pillow

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Many U-shaped neck pillows often neglect to take into account the moments where your head flops forward in your sleep. Sometimes traveling doesn’t always mean your head tilts backward or on either side.

Thankfully, the BCOZZY team was thinking forward and made a totally circular and overlapping travel neck pillow that will prop you up by your cheeks or chin. Prevent pain in the neck and shoulders by allowing your body to fall into place as you try to sleep while you travel.

Because of the different ways you can configure the pillow to fit your resting position, you can always be sure that you are getting the most ergonomic option.

3. BCOZZY Kids Chin Supporting Travel Pillow

Cloudz Microbead Travel Neck Pillow

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But what about those who are traveling with kids? Sometimes we have to keep an eye on them and make sure they don’t fall asleep in an uncomfortable position, leading to major pains when you have to wake them up.

Prevent these unfortunate incidents by getting a good travel neck pillow for the little one. BCOZZY’s pillows are not only machine washable and snug for children, but they also come in various colors that are sure to stand out from the crowd and never get lost.

Long-haul traveling with kids will become a much more pleasant experience if you make it more comfortable for them.

4. Cloudz Microbead Travel Neck Pillow

 Cloudz Microbead Travel Neck Pillow

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The classic U-shaped pillow is enough for some people. They can get by with this tried and tested form, but the Cloudz brand’s version brings microbeads to the travel accessory.

The Comfortlite microbeads fill the pillow to a satisfying size and shape but still make it light and easy to bring around, almost like you are carrying nothing on hand.

Despite it being light, the microbeads filling the pillow are super strong and won’t be crush under the weight of all your luggage and other belongings. It will last you through many travels and nights in hotel rooms. The pillow was made with two sides: a plush top side that is comfortable for the skin and a light spandex bottom side with a cooling effect to help relax your neck, back, and shoulders.

5. Dot&Dot Twist Memory Foam Travel Pillow

Dot&Dot Twist Memory Foam Travel Pillow

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If you need a travel accessory that will afford you more options, then Dot&Dot’s offering will be exciting for your purposes. It is basically a roll pillow that can be twisted into the shape you need.

It can become a classic U-shaped pillow for your shoulders, but it can also be a support for your neck, feet, spine, and other uses outside of the car, train, or plane. This is definitely an excellent option for those who crave more ergonomic and customizable options for their travels.

The Twist Memory Foam Travel Pillow is composed of a machine-washable cotton cover that includes a snap button to keep everything in place, and plush memory foam that is as soft as it is versatile.

6. Everlasting Comfort Memory Foam Travel Pillow

 Everlasting Comfort Memory Foam Travel Pillow

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If you’re a fan of the U-shaped design but want something a bit more, this pillow’s features could be ideal for you.

Building on the classic design, this Everlasting Comfort brand style adds a raised lobe that creates more surfaces and curves to position your head. Attached is a secure fastener to make sure it stays on your shoulders for the entire duration of the trip. Plus, there is a cell phone pocket that allows you to forget about your precious phone while you slumber.

You can count on a clean and germ-free sleep every time with the machine washable cover. The premium memory foam molds to your neck and face for the ultimate traveler’s comfort. A mountain of new features on the classic will do anyone good.

7. Huzi Infinity Pillow

INFANZIA Kids Travel Neck Pillow

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This option builds on the original travel neck pillow concept and creates a unique travel pillow with infinite ideas. Huzi created the Infinity Pillow for creative travelers that need a versatile accessory in their jet-setting arsenal.

The cooling and breathable bamboo material make sure that you have a comfortable surface for your skin to rest on. The pillow’s 360-degree customizable design can be contorted into several different shapes for different sitting situations.

You can apply the pillow to support your neck, lumbar, chin, arms and even cover your eyes and ears for the ultimate peace and quiet we all crave in our hectic travel schedules.

8. INFANZIA Kids Travel Neck Pillow

INFANZIA Kids Travel Neck Pillow

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It’s a shame that not more brands are making kid-sized versions of their travel neck pillows, and when they do, they make miniaturized versions of their old designs — which are not the right proportions for a child’s comfort.

INFANZIA saw this gap in the market and made a travel pillow that addresses the needs of children’s comfort as they travel alongside you.

The thick, wide sides are noticeably bigger than what other brands offer, supporting children’s gentle necks and heads. To prevent removal while on the go, the sturdy adjustable snap button makes sure the pillow is in place and ready to support your kid for traveling comfort wherever you go.

9. J-Pillow Chin Supporting Travel Pillow

J-Pillow Chin Supporting Travel Pillow

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Do you favor a side of your head when you sleep in transit? J-Pillow knows that situation and made a travel neck pillow innovation to help you address the unfortunate stiff neck scenario’s aches and pains.

The unique design was made with one side in mind and added head, neck, and chin support surrounding this area. Filling the gap between the head and the shoulders, this pillow makes sure that your head does not move forward and keeps your neck up and supported for supreme traveling comfort.

The snap loop makes sure you won’t lose your unique pillow when you attach it to your luggage. Compared to other travel pillow designs, this pillow is a shape that is more flexible than the standard design that takes up a lot of space.

10. Lucear Twist Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow

Lucear Twist Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow

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There are some genuinely unique travelers out there in the highways, train stations, and airports — and they need the right accessories for their equally unique travel style.

Lucear brought their innovation to the table and created a wholly customizable but still portable option for travelers. Unlike the classic design that can’t change shape, the Twist is a versatile option that will help you address any comfort challenge you might have in transit.

The soft memory foam pillow forms to your neck and body. You can twist and turn the long shape into a form that your need. Sometimes, the versatile and unique option that takes you out of the box can be the right choice.

11. MLVOC Travel Pillow 100% Pure Memory Foam

MLVOC Travel Pillow 100% Pure Memory Foam

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The classic U-shaped pillow can be too flat for some people. Thus, the MLVOC brand created a variant that features slopes and bends that will conform to your body, thanks to the 100% pure memory foam composition of the product.

Press yourself against the pillow, and you will witness the 5-second return technology that shows you the pillow’s premium design for comfort. The sweat-resistant and machine-washable cover is a great way to make sure that your sleep is germ-free.

The rope lock is adjustable and makes sure your pillow does not roll off somewhere, so you can forget about accidentally dirty and lost pillows. Weighing under a pound, this travel neck pillow can be brought along to all of your trips — even the most minimal ones.

12. Power of Nature Travel Pillow

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B0755CQYLV&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=trablofes0a 20&language=en US

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If you’re in the market for something too fancy, then the Power of Nature’s travel pillow will be a good choice for you. A no-nonsense traveler and a great U-shaped pillow is a nice combination.

The simple and straightforward design is improved with more curves that help support the neck’s natural line. The pillow brings it up a notch and provides a pair of eye masks and earplugs for the ultimate tranquil experience as the lights go down in the airplane cabin. It also comes with a number of color options to match your luggage sets.

13. SAIREIDER Travel Neck Pillow

 SAIREIDER Travel Neck Pillow

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SAIREIDER takes the classic formula for the neck pillow and makes a plush and elegant option for classy travelers everywhere. The beautiful travel accessory is ergonomically designed to leave space for your favorite over-the-ear headphones, making sure you travel in your own personal, comfortable bubble.

This excellent accessory allows you to have me-time even on the busiest travel days. The pillow ensures elegance right out of the box and promises no chemical smells will make it on your journey. It also comes with an eye mask, earplugs, and a storage bag, so that you’re always ready to go without missing a beat.

14. TALLGO Travel Pillow

TALLGO Travel Pillow

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You don’t need to fix what isn’t broken. There’s a reason why the U-shaped pillow continues to dominate the travel accessory market. This simple design is enough for use at the back of the car or on the plane.

Featuring a soft, supportive material inside and outside, this is an easy-to-clean pillow that makes it a reliable choice for all of your future travels. 

High-quality memory foam provides an ergonomic design that makes sure that your transit slumber is comfortable as your regular sleep on your bed at home.

15. Travelrest Ultimate Travel Neck Pillow

Travelrest Ultimate Travel Neck Pillow

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Travelrest delivers a unique option for jet setters. This sling-style travel pillow gives travelers full lateral support that no other design has been able to provide.

Normal sleep involves your sides and arms – why shouldn’t it be the same while you’re sleeping on a plane? This patented and truly unique design provides an equally unique but essential support that helps ease tension and pain.

Despite its bigger form factor, it actually has an inflatable design easily set up in a few breaths and quickly deflated for packing away. This multi-use pillow can be used for various styles, thanks to the long shape applied to the torso for ultimate comfort.

16. TravelSnugs Luxury Travel Neck Pillow Sleep Kit

TravelSnugs Luxury Travel Neck Pillow Sleep Kit

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Can you rest and sleep as snug as a bug in a rug? Perhaps not, but TravelSnugs is sure willing to try with their travel neck pillow.

Not only do they provide supreme softness thanks to their tried and tested memory foam, but they include a complete package with a bag, earplugs, and an eye mask.

Their key technology is memory foam. It balances support and softness so that travelers can experience a comfortable surface for their head and neck. Yet, they still have enough support to maintain their posture and prevent the unfortunate pains and soreness that can happen while on the road or in the air.

17. UROPHYLLA Inflatable Travel Pillow

 UROPHYLLA Inflatable Travel Pillow

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The UROPHYLLA design might look familiar at first glance. But look closer, and you will see the unique neck shapes that help support the back of your head as you relax in your travels.

The inflatable neck pillow is free from air leaks and can be easily inflated by anyone in just 10 seconds. The PVC material liner and soft velvet case make sure that there is a comfortable surface to rest on.

The raised design on the back of the pillow is an ergonomic style that helps support you wherever you sit — especially in cramped spaces with less than comfortable headrests.


We know why travel is important but traveling comfortably is equally as important. And that’s why a travel neck pillow can be a helpful tool for everyone, but travelers do need to find the right product for their purpose. Not only that, but they need to know how to use the product correctly and maximize it. There is a large selection of choices to pick from, and they all have different uses and comfort levels.

To be able to find the right travel neck pillow, one needs to evaluate their travel style. Find out how long your trips often last and where you take a seat. Maybe for business class travelers, a travel neck pillow is more of an additional luxury, but for economy class passengers, this could be a necessary investment.

You’ll also want to consider an inflatable travel pillow so you can easily stow it away in your carry-on luggage when not in use. Not everyone is a fan of clipping their pillow to their luggage handle for hygienic reasons.

Whatever the decision, travelers should consider a pillow for themselves, friends, and family to improve travel quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a travel pillow worth it?

Yes, a travel pillow is worth because it makes a flight or train ride more comfortable. If you are a light sleeper, travel pillows will help support your head for better rest. They also help by not allowing your head to fall forward when sitting in the upright position which can strain your neck.

Can you take a travel pillow on a plane?

Yes, nearly all airports and airlines allow travel pillows past security clearance and onto the plane.

Where to buy a travel pillow?

Travel pillows can often be bought at Wal-Mart, Amazon, and many companies that sell travel products. They are also available at the airport but often cost a premium.

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