Last updated on August 22nd, 2019

I’ve seen several photos that my nomadic friends have taken only to be ruined by unwanted people or objects in the photo. I’ll teach you how to remove objects or people from the background of your picture using Lightroom. Watch the below video.


  1. Go to the Lightroom develop module with the photo.
  2. Select the spot removal brush (Q keyboard shortcut).
  3. Make sure the opacity is 100%.
  4. Start with a feather of 50.
  5. Adjust the brush size to about the width or slightly bigger than the object or person to remove.
  6. Brush over the object or person.
  7. Now the object or person is removed from the photo.

If the above steps don’t provide a desirable result, then retry with a different feather or brush size. Otherwise you may have to use Photoshop.

Improved photo with people removed from the background.

This image looks better with the people in the background removed.

Note: Lightroom’s spot removal brush is similar to Photoshop’s spot healing brush.