HDR photography is easier when the workflow can be sped up.

To help you with this, I created 10 free Aurora HDR Looks, also known as presets, for your landscape photos. Just click the link to download the archived folder of the individual files.

How to Install Aurora HDR Looks

  1. Open Aurora HDR 2019
  2. Go to FileImport Aurora HDR Looks.
  3. Find the folder where the looks are located.
  4. Find and select the looks you want to install.
  5. Click Open.

The new looks are now located under User Aurora HDR Looks.

how to install aurora hdr looks


I’ve also included 10 free LUT’s (look up tables) for color grading. The LUT’s were produced in Photoshop and can be used in Aurora HDR.

How to Install LUT’s in Aurora HDR

  1. Open Aurora HDR 2019.
  2. Open 1 or more bracketed images.
  3. Go to FILTERSLUT Mapping.
  4. Click Choose LUT.
  5. Select Load Custom LUT File.
  6. Find and select the LUT file you want to use.
  7. Click Open.

Now the new LUT is available for use.

how to install LUT's in Aurora HDR

Note: Unfortunately, at the time of writing this, Aurora HDR 2019 does not save all the LUT files. It only displays the 5 most recent custom LUT’s used. However, as long as you still have your LUT’s saved on your computer, you can always load them again.

License: The Aurora HDR Looks and LUT’s are completely free for commercial and non-commercial use. However, you can’t redistribute, share, modify, claim them as your own, or sell them for a profit.

No attribution is required but a link back to this page would be helpful so that I can offer more goodies. And don’t forget to follow me on Instagram.

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