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Last updated on May 21st, 2024

After a long day of travel, there is nothing more satisfying than arriving at your hotel room on vacation. It’s the perfect place to put down your luggage, relax, and get ready to explore the area. Whether you spend time resting or jumping right into sightseeing and activities, a hotel room can be your home away from home while exploring new places.

But a legitimate question for many hotel guests is where to put their luggage in the hotel room.

The answer may surprise you, but the best place to put your suitcase when you arrive in your hotel room is in the bathtub and not on the bed or floor.

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Why you should place your luggage in the hotel room’s bathtub.

Modern hotel washroom with sink, toilet, and bathtub. Best place to put luggage is in the bathtub.

It is important to be aware of the potential possibility that a hotel room may have bed bugs. To protect your belongings from these pests, it is advisable to place your luggage in the bathtub of the hotel room.

This will create an obstacle for the bed bugs, as they are unable to climb up on smooth surfaces.

Furthermore, it reduces the chance of unknowingly transporting these insects from one location to another. If you take this extra precautionary step and store your luggage in the bathtub, you can rest assured that your belongings remain safe and secure during your stay at the hotel.

Finally, the chances of your hotel room having bed bugs is very slim. So, after inspecting the hotel room for bed bugs, you’re safe to place your luggage in another area of the hotel room. Besides, you’ll want to eventually take a nice warm bath.

How to inspect your hotel room for bed bugs.

Inspecting a hotel room for bed bugs can seem daunting, but there are some surefire moves you can take for an effective inspection. Start with a visual examination of the mattress by thoroughly checking the seams, edges, and tufts for signs of infestation, such as dark blood spots or skin from molting bed bugs.

The same goes for any furniture in the room; check behind headboards, cushions, and other cozy areas critters love to hide. Don’t forget to check behind artwork and wall hangings too.

It also might be useful to carry a small flashlight as well to get a better read on potential hiding places or egg-laying areas.

Finally, if possible, try to pull back the sheets and check around the box spring where eggs or live bugs may be present. Taking extra steps during your inspection will help guarantee you have a safe stay.

After inspecting your hotel room, feel free to take your suitcase out of the bathtub and place them in the below-suggested areas of the hotel room.

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Place your suitcase in the hotel room’s luggage rack.

Suitcase on the luggage rack in a hotel room with a bed in the background.

When it comes to unpacking your suitcase in a hotel room, one of the best tips anyone can give is to always use the luggage rack.

Not only does it keep your belongings at a safe distance from the ground, off of potential dust, dirt, and pests, but it also adds an element of convenience.

Since you might be taking advantage of several pieces of furniture during your stay — such as nightstands and chairs — having used the luggage rack means easy access to all that’s inside without having to move items on or off other surfaces or search for something at the very bottom of your bag.

Having this designated spot for your suitcase ensures less time spent moving your luggage around so you can get back to enjoying your vacation or business trip.

Place your empty luggage in the hotel room’s closet.

If you’re looking for a space to store your belongings once you’ve checked into the hotel room, your closet or drawers may be your best bet. It’s easy to forget about those two places, but they provide a convenient storage spot for everything from suitcases to small knick-knacks.

Imagine the peace of mind you’ll have knowing that all of your items are tucked away in one safe place. You won’t have to worry about tripping over clothes or losing small personal items.

After you empty your luggage, place it in the closet and out of the way.

So don’t hesitate to take advantage of this convenient way to store and organize your items — then get out there and enjoy your vacation.

Place your luggage on the balcony if your hotel room has one.

If the weather permits, a great spot is a balcony — there’s usually enough room out there to store the goods, and it leaves more room in your cramped quarters indoors. However, be cautious if you decide on this option: hotels that are located in tropical climates might attract pests like ants and other critters, so make sure that your luggage is zipped up tight before leaving them unattended.

Use your hotel’s luggage storage service.

When traveling and staying at a hotel, finding extra space for your luggage can be a challenge. The bed, closet, and even the floor may become crowded with suitcases, duffels, and other bags, leaving your room feeling cluttered.

Thankfully, there are plenty of options available to help manage the limited space in your hotel room. One solution is to ask the front desk clerk if you can store your empty suitcases in the hotel’s luggage storage service — no more worries about where to put all of those suitcases.

By taking advantage of this service, you’ll be able to leave your luggage safely stowed away while you explore the city between trips. Make sure to take advantage of this helpful amenity and make your stay at the hotel much more pleasant.

Should you place your luggage on your bed after arriving at your hotel room?

You should think twice before placing your luggage on your hotel bed — even if it seems like an incredibly convenient spot to drop off your things and relax. Think of all the nasty germs, bacteria, and potential allergens that may have latched onto the surface of your bag while in transit. From the airport to here, it was most likely rolling around near soda spills, filthy subways, and grimy public washrooms.

Who knows what dirt may have found its way inside? Plus, those wheels are sure to bring some pocket lint or God forbid — hair from strangers straight into your place of repose.

Instead, place your suitcase on the luggage rack or dresser once you arrive at your hotel room.


When it comes to preparing for a hotel room stay, inspections and cleanliness should be top of mind. To ensure you have a safe and comfortable stay, take the time to thoroughly inspect your hotel room before unpacking your belongings. And once you unpack, get into the habit of placing your items in designated spots, such as the luggage rack or the hotel room’s closet. Taking these extra steps will help you get the most out of your stay without fear of dirt, dust, or pests. Enjoy your vacation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do most hotel rooms have a luggage rack?

Hotel rooms come in all sorts of styles, layouts, and sizes. But one thing that can usually be counted on is finding a luggage rack inside the room. Luggage racks provide an easy and convenient way to store your suitcase and other belongings off the floor.

This is especially true if there is limited closet or dresser space in some hotel rooms. Oftentimes a sturdy rolling cart is also included for transporting your items throughout the hotel with minimal effort.

Perhaps most important, however, is that it helps expedite packing at the end of your stay — aiding in ensuring a more timely departure time to catch the next flight out.

Can bed bugs fly?

Have you ever stayed in a hotel room and wondered if bed bugs had been lurking? Although they may be small, they can still leave a huge impact — literal physical and emotional scars.

Contrary to popular belief, bed bugs cannot fly and do not have wings. Instead, they move from place to place by crawling or by hitching a ride on your luggage, clothing, or other belongings. To make sure you don’t bring any uninvited guests home with you after your hotel stay, inspect all surfaces of the hotel room for signs of these creatures before bringing in your bags.

Can we leave luggage at the hotel after check out?

Yes, most hotels allow you to leave luggage in hotel storage after checkout.

Furthermore, room service is an amazing amenity that many hotels offer, but it is especially useful when it comes to storing your luggage after you’ve checked out.

Whether you’re waiting for a late flight or just need somewhere to store your bags for a few hours, room service can provide the perfect solution. No more worrying about carrying your luggage around all day, with room service, you can leave it securely in the hotel and pick it up at a time that suits you. A worry-free solution that ensures a stress-free end to any trip.

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