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Last updated on May 21st, 2024

You’re preparing for your upcoming flight and need to know if chapstick is considered a liquid by the TSA. After all, liquids are limited to the 3-1-1 rule in carry-on luggage, so it’s essential to get this answer right.

Let’s look at the facts about chapstick, what it is made of, and how the TSA treats it.

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What is Chapstick Made Of? 

In its most basic form, chapstick consists of waxes and oils. The waxes provide structure to the product, while the oils moisten and soften dry skin.

Some brands of Chapsticks also contain chemicals like lanolin, paraffin, petrolatum, and camphor that help create a protective barrier on your lips against harsh winds or cold temperatures.

Remember, Chapstick is a brand of lip balm.

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Is Chapstick a Liquid? TSA Says No 

Is Chapstick a liquid? The TSA allowed Chapsticks in carry-on and checked bags.

The TSA states that chapstick is not considered a liquid or gel when flying despite being moist or wet in some cases.

This means you can bring chapstick in your carry-on luggage without any issues.

However, some lip balm brands are moist or wetter than others and may be considered liquids when passing through airport security.

To avoid confusion or delays at airport security checkpoints, check your lip balm’s packaging before packing it in your bag.

Why You Should Never Fly Without Lip Balm 

pink lip balm

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where your lips were dry and chapped?

It could be during the winter when the weather is cold and dry, or it could be when you are somewhere warm and sunny on vacation.

No matter where you are, having lip balm can make all the difference in keeping your lips soft and healthy.

Let’s consider why it’s vital to always carry lip balm with you.

The Benefits of Lip Balm 

Lip balms are great because they provide both moisture and protection. 

In the winter, a good quality lip balm can help protect your lips from cold air, which can be very drying. When temperatures drop suddenly, your lips may become chapped quickly; using lip balm can help prevent this from happening.

Conversely, lip balm can be used as a barrier between your skin and the sun’s UV rays in hot climates or during peak hours of sunshine. This helps reduce damage to your delicate lip area while providing much-needed hydration. 

Types of Lip Balms 

woman applying lip balm

There are many different types of lip balms available today that offer various levels of protection for different climates and activities.

For example, if you’re headed outdoors into extreme temperatures or high-altitude areas where windburn is likely, consider getting a thicker product, such as an ointment or wax-based formula, that will provide a protective barrier against windburn if you’re looking for something to keep your lips hydrated throughout the day, use something lighter such as an oil-based product that won’t feel heavy or greasy but will still provide ample moisture for your lips.

No matter what type of formula you choose, having a trusty tube of lip balm handy at all times is always a good idea.

Lip balm is essential no matter where you go — whether it’s summertime fun in the sun or winter holidays outdoors in frigid temperatures.

A good quality lip balm will keep your lips hydrated and protect them from harsh weather conditions like windburn or UV rays that can cause sunburns and even wrinkles over time. So stock up on trusty lip balm tubes now, so you’ll only find yourself with one.


According to the TSA, chapsticks are allowed in both checked and carry-on luggage, but there may be exceptions depending on the lip balm you use.

To avoid potential delays at airport security checkpoints, check your lip balm’s packaging before packing it in your bag.

That way, you can enjoy soft lips throughout your travels without worrying about getting held up at security.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does lip balm count as a liquid on a plane?

Are you headed on a plane ride anytime soon?

If so, you might wonder if the lip balm tube in your pocket shouldn’t go into the liquid bag. After all, it has a creamy consistency and slick feel that is nothing like solid personal care items such as lotion or facial cream.

While it does have a similar smell and can easily spill from the container, it surprisingly does not count as a liquid according to the transportation regulations of most carriers in the US and elsewhere.

That means there’s no need to worry about potential confiscation at the security checkpoint. Lip balm is one of those personal items you can quickly bring along with you when flying!

Is chapstick TSA approved?

With the restrictions and increased security that come with air travel, sometimes you’ll be hard-pressed to bring anything on board.

Thankfully, chapstick is one of the few pocket-sized items that’s TSA approved for carry-on luggage! Keeping your lips moisturized doesn’t need to be a source of stress on long trips; make sure you have your chapstick when heading through security.

With this bit of preparation, you don’t need to worry about dry or chapped lips — or facing the wrath of a TSA agent.

How often should I use Chapstick?

The correct answer to how often you should use Chapstick differs for everyone.

Generally speaking, you want to reapply a thin layer of Chapstick whenever your lips feel dry and thirsty again.

Depending on the climate and air conditioning you are exposed to, this could mean once an hour or less often than that.

In addition to using it as needed, applying lip balm at night can also help keep your lips hydrated and looking healthy. Listen to your body: if your lips become flaky or feel chapped throughout the day, then make sure you have access to Chapstick to reapply when necessary.

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