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Last updated on May 21st, 2024

If you’re like many travelers, you’ve wondered, “can I bring tweezers on a plane” in your carry-on or checked luggage when flying? The truth is that tweezers are permitted onboard both domestic and international flights, but there are still some things to know before bringing them on the plane.

Let’s take a look at the details of traveling with tweezers.

Can I Bring Tweezers on a Plane?

Looking neat and put together is an integral part of any modern-day routine.

With tweezers on your side, you can achieve this goal with ease. Whether getting rid of those pesky stray hairs that sprout up between eyebrow appointments or carefully removing a stubborn splinter, tweezers are the perfect tool for precision grooming and personal care tasks.

Their slanted tip makes it easy to grab and pull even the tiniest hairs.

With tweezers in your carry-on or pocket, you always have the means to look your best and maintain a professional appearance no matter where you go. In addition, you can also put your curling iron in your carry-on luggage to ensure your hair looks fabulous.

TSA Permits Tweezers

Can I bring tweezers on a plane? TSA screenshot showing that tweezers are allowed in an airplane in both checked luggage and carry-on.

The TSA allows tweezers to be included in both checked luggage and carry-on bags.

According to the TSA website, “tweezers are allowed in your carry-on bag or on your person.”

However, any item you bring on board should fit in a quart-sized clear plastic bag for security screening. It is also important to note that scissors less than four inches long with pointed tips are also allowed, but scissors with blades longer than four inches must be placed in checked baggage.

Tweezers Allowed Around the World 

Though rules vary from country to country, tweezers are generally accepted as a personal item on planes worldwide.

Air Canada, American Airlines, Delta, and nearly all airlines allow tweezers onboard an airplane. This includes countries such as Canada, the UK, Australia, and many more across the globe.

Best Tweezers for Travel

Traveling should be a time to relax and explore new places rather than feeling stressed out. A fundamental way to keep stress levels at bay is to bring all the essentials — including a high-quality tweezer.

A tweezer is often one of those items that get overlooked during packing, but it is a vital tool to have handy when traveling.

It will help you maintain the shape of your brows and save you from being stranded with pesky splinters and thorns in uncomfortable and possibly embarrassing locations.

Having a reliable tweezer onboard means never worrying about such problems as you continue enjoying your journey. Here are the best tweezers for travel:

1. Tweezerman Stainless Steel Slant Tweezer

Tweezerman Stainless Steel Slant Tweezer

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Introducing the Tweezerman Stainless Steel Slant tweezer — the perfect way to look polished on your travels.

This professional-grade tweezer is made from high-grade stainless steel for precision and accuracy when grooming. This lightweight and compact design makes it great for travel and just slipping into your bag for touch-ups on the go.

The slant tip provides optimal grip so you can pluck hairs easily, even in challenging areas like eyebrows or places requiring extra precision.

It also resists corrosion, making it a reliable tool you can count on no matter where you are.

So whether you’re at a business meeting or lounging on the beach, you’ll be sure always to look your best with this travel essential.

2. Pefei Tweezers Set

Pefei Tweezers Set

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Traveling for business or pleasure can take its toll on your appearance. No one wants to look disheveled in a business meeting or have eyebrows out of control at the beach. For those in transit and on the go, we’ve got the perfect solution: The Pefei Tweezers Set.

This set contains four precision tweezers made with #420 Stainless Steel, so you know these are built to last. Perfect for handling various tasks and jobs, this set is sure to keep you looking your best while on the road.

The classic tweezer offers comfort and accuracy when shaping brows and managing facial hair. For more precise work like plucking stray hairs, use the slant tweezer–it is designed to give you superior grip and control as you go about your beauty regime.

The pointed tweezers are perfect for removing splinters and ingrown hairs, while the pointed slant tweezers feature an angled tip that does quick work of many small tasks around your face and body.

The Pefei Tweezers Set was designed to keep up with your active lifestyle. With their exceptional quality stainless steel construction combined with ease-of-use design, our four tweezers are the trusty companion any traveler needs — whether they’re visiting family or attending a business meeting.

3. Bedace Tweezers

Bedace Tweezers

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Introducing Bedace Tweezers — the perfect tweezers for modern women of style and substance.

The tweezers are made with high-quality surgical-grade stainless steel, coated in a tarnish-resistant finish that’s perfect for sensitive skin. With professional precision engineering and calibrated arm tension, you can feel confident that your Bedace tweezers will deliver precise results every time.

Get ready for pin ad perfection; the lightweight stainless steel design is durable and easy to clean between uses. Whether you’re prepping for an important business meeting or just sprucing up for a day at the beach, Bedace tweezers has you covered.

Achieve the perfectly polished look with ease and convenience — Bedace Tweezers have you prepared all day long. So don’t settle — upgrade your beauty routine with Bedace Tweezers today.

Tips When Flying With Tweezers

When flying with tweezers, it is vital to keep them within reach to access them during security screening, if necessary, quickly.

Additionally, it is essential not to bring any sharp objects, such as nail cutters or nail files, into an airport as those items may be confiscated by security personnel.

Finally, you should make sure that all items fit comfortably into one quart-sized bag before boarding the plane so that they do not need to be removed during the security screening procedure.


Flying with tweezers doesn’t have to be a hassle. As long as you remember that they can come onboard both domestic and international flights — and follow some simple guidelines — you can bring them onboard without worry.

So pack those tweezers safely and enjoy your flight.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you bring tweezers on a plane with American Airlines?

Yes, you can. It’s always a good idea to pack a pair of tweezers in your carry-on bag when you’re flying with American Airlines. Not only can they help keep your eyebrows and other facial hair groomed and looking neat, but they can come in handy for many other uses during air travel.

For example, if you’ve ever had the misfortune of having your headphone jack get stuck in the audio jack of the seatback television screen, a pair of tweezers can come to the rescue.

While tweezers are generally allowed on planes, be sure to double-check with the airline beforehand to make sure nothing has changed since the last time you flew.

Can you bring tweezers on a plane in Canada?

If you’re the kind of person who is always prepared for anything, traveling by plane in Canada may bring a bit of a surprise to you; did you know that tweezers are allowed on board? Yes, that’s right. In most cases, small items like tweezers will pass airport security as long as they are not part of multi-tools and do not contain blades.

Many people also find carrying tweezers handy while traveling since they can help with personal grooming, like removing splinters or pesky eyebrows.

For all these reasons, it’s good to know that, at least in Canada, you don’t have to worry about leaving your trusty tweezers behind at the security check when boarding a flight.

Can you put tweezers in hand luggage?

If you’re the type of traveler who likes to stay prepared, packing a pair of tweezers in your hand luggage may be a no-brainer. Whether you’ve got unwanted facial hair that needs eliminating, unruly eyebrows that need taming, or even a loose thread on your clothing that needs fixing, having tweezers as part of your travel kit can save you from annoying situations and wardrobe malfunctions.

Not to mention that they could also come in handy for picking up small items like jewelry or toothpicks.

So if you’re looking to have one less thing to worry about while on the go, consider putting tweezers in your hand luggage in your next adventure — they’re allowed.

Do tweezers pass TSA?

Flying can be a hassle, and it’s easy to forget if you’re allowed to bring certain items through airport security.

Good news — tweezers are perfectly fine to travel with. The Transportation Security Authority (TSA) has officially noted that tweezers, along with other small sharp objects, including cuticle cutters and nail clippers, are permitted onboard planes in carry-on luggage.

Thankfully, feeling your best doesn’t have to wait till you arrive at your destination. From pesky stray hairs to unruly eyebrows, tweezers give us the power and precision we need for any beauty touchup that may come up while on our journey.

So don’t forget to add tweezers to your list of flying essentials next time you pack for a trip.

Can you take tweezers on a plane in Australia?

For anyone traveling to or within Australia, tweezers are a must-have item in the suitcase. Fortunately, they can be taken onto flights worry-free thanks to a ruling by the Australian Airports Restrictions on Prohibited Items (ARPIs) which allows them so long as they are shorter than 6 inches in length and do not feature a sharp tip.

Now, travelers can easily tend to unruly eyebrows or pesky ingrown hairs without hesitation. Small tweezers can also play their part in helping passengers meet all their packing needs for any kind of trip in style, from completely necessary items such as passport details and lotions to one-of-a-kind outfit add-ons that create an instant wow factor,

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