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Traveling seems like a luxury. Some people think it’s an expensive and unnecessary activity that should not be a priority. Many believe that traveling is best done when you retire. However, traveling does have important benefits and it can actually be good for you.

Traveling can impact you. It’s a transformative experience physically, mentally, and emotionally. Those who travel find ways to not only tick a box off their bucket list, as they say, but also to find ways to become a better person.

Here Are 23 Reasons Why Traveling is Important

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1. Discover Cultural Diversity

Our world is filled with plenty of cultural diversity and it’s what makes it interesting and wonderful. Traveling allows you peek into the customs and traditions of other cultures. Having the chance to immerse yourself through food, music, clothing, and other rituals is a formidable learning experience.

2. Learn a Different Language

Going to a place where not everyone speaks your language is an opportunity for you to learn a new one.

But it’s not only through words that you get to speak and understand others, most cultures express themselves through body language. It’s fascinating to learn the variety of ways people express their friendliness, helpfulness, and happiness through gestures and facial expressions.

3. Taste Delicious Cuisines

From sweet and savory street food to intricately prepared homemade dishes, you’ll be amazed by the culinary experiences you get from traveling.

Explore the many ways people prepare and enjoy their food. Not only will you try distinct flavors and heavanly delicacies, but you will also learn more about the history and culture of people through their food. You’ll understand why Thailand has a great variety of street food and why certain foods like coconut (buko) pie from the Philippines is prepared a certain way.

4. Explore Places You Have Never Seen Before

This one may seem obvious, but there is an abundance to learn and experience in places you have never visited. Seeing the natural beauty and manmade marvels of the world are memorable moments.

Looking at a photo of a beach is nothing like actually being there — having your feet touch the sand, and taking in the fresh breeze from the sea. You may know what the Shibuya crossing looks like but being there, seeing the lights, and hearing all the busy street noises is a whole different thing. The world has an assortment of beauty and it’s yours to discover.

5. Improves Your Health

Traveling is important to your health because it can help reduce your stress levels. It lets you experience new things that can be a form of release and relief from pressures and repetitiveness of being at work and home. Because you are able to take a break from all the stress at home, your cortisol levels are actually lowered.

You are also able to take on more physical activities when you travel. Walking is something you would be doing often and it can lead to a healthier body. In addition, the overall psychology of travel can improve your social life and mental health.

6. Make Friends Everywhere

It’s a whole new experience making friends from different parts of the world. They provide a different mindset on your triumphs and tribulations through their cultures and beliefs. And it’s quite easy to make friends in a hostel.

7. Puts Life in Perspective

When you are stuck in the comforts of your home, you are unable to relate what other people are going through. By traveling, you get a glimpse of the life of others, and it can give your perspective on life an overhaul.

If you journey to places that are more advanced than yours, you aspire for better things. You get a more hopeful view of how things can progress and what else is out there in the world.

And when you wander to a place where people are suffering and have a difficult life compared to yours, you become more aware of the things you take for granted. Your humanity comes through when you understand that others need help to improve their quality of life.

8. Face Your Fears

It can be intimidating to be with people you do not know or when there is a language barrier. But when you are there, you challenge yourself. If you are afraid to speak to someone you just met, a simple “hi” goes a long way.

When you are traveling, you find ways to face your fears. Scared of heights? Ride a cable car that will bring you from mountain to mountain. You’re already there and when you act, you’ll feel a sense of pride.

And if you’re religious or superstitious, you can always pray to the travel gods.

9. Makes You Smarter

Being in a place you know nothing about will force you to learn more about the surroundings. You have to seek different ways to get through the day. Solve a new metro system, learn new foreign words, and understand new customs. You’ll be training your brain by problem solving.

10. You Become More Independent

When you travel alone, you will have to figure things out for yourself. You have to plan your itinerary, prepare the items you need, find places to eat, and set your budget yourself. This may seem daunting if you are not used to it, but the challenge is a learning opportunity that will help you become more independent.

11. Develop New Skills

You develop skills you never knew you could have in your travels. Whether it be learning a new recipe or trying salsa, exposure to different things outside your comfort zone can lead you to discover skills.

12. Gives a Sense of Accomplishment

One of the things people fear is that travel can be expensive. In some ways, it is. But there are ways to travel within your budget. You have to plan ahead and do your research.

Once you are there, you’ll realize that you have accomplished something you once doubted.

This, plus being more independent, facing your fears, and learning new skills will give you a sense of empowerment and newfound confidence.

13. It Helps You Get a Better Job

Because you mature more, through learning, and gain more self-confidence, you will do better in job interviews. In addition, traveling is important if you learned a new language that can be added to your resume.

14. Relief from Your Daily Routine

When we get caught up in our daily routine, it can be tiring and feel pointless sometimes.

Being able to travel helps you recharge and find better ways to make your everyday life more intriguing. For example, if you became accustomed to walking around and exploring during your travels, you might add this to your daily habit at home too.

15. Develop Empathy

After seeing the culture and values of others, you develop more empathy and you understand others better and deeper. This improves your tolerance and changes the way you perceive individuals in a positive manner.

16. Value Experiences More than Materials

Sometimes, we put off investing in experiences because we see more value in materialistic things. But when you travel, you see experiences that bring more meaning to your life because of the relationships you build, a different outlook on the world, and the knowledge you gain.

17. You Live in the Moment

When you are traveling, you consider only that moment and what you immerse yourself in.

This is an important experience for anyone to have, because it reminds you to be grateful for the limited time you have and to enjoy life the best way possible.

18. Happiness is Infectious

You’ll have a few stories to talk about after your important travels. Trust me, after getting home from traveling, you will share what you have seen and experienced with your friends and family.

And when the important people in your life see you and the renewed zest you have for life, they will be happy for you too, and maybe a little jealous. J

19. You’ll Have Lifelong Memories

After all your journeys, you’ll have memories to reminisce. This is more special if you enjoy those memories with people who are important in your life. Even the simplest moments can have lasting impressions.

20. You Get Know Yourself

As you go out of the box and challenge yourself, you discover new things about yourself. You find out about your fears and braveness, and what you want more in life. Experiencing more things and learning from others can help you see yourself from a different viewpoint.

21. Positive Outlook on Life

The new perspectives you have from your travels will help you understand people and how the world works differently than you.

The more you understand the world, the more accepting you are of what life is about. This will make you more hopeful and more active in pursuing a life that will be meaningful to you.

22. Have More Meaningful Relationships

Being away from friends and family for an extended time can help you realize what you love most about them. You may even want to experience more things with them because of the beauty that you’ve seen in other places.

Meeting new people will not erase the relationships you have at home. In fact, it may even let you see friends and family in a better light.

23. Fall in Love with Home

Don’t worry, after all of your travels, you may even fall in love with home more.

When you travel, you see what other places are like and you get to compare them to home. You’ll find out what new things you love about your home because of these comparisons. It’ll feel good to return home and fall asleep on your bed.


Travel is important. Find balance and happiness in your life by traveling more and meeting people you can learn from. Discover more about where life can take you and experience things that can lead you to a better life for you and the people around you.

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