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Joining a loyalty program can help you get free products and services, and in the case of the Air Canada Aeroplan Loyalty Program, many travelers are looking for free flights, whether they be economy, premium economy, or business class seats.

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But How Much Are Aeroplan Points Worth? 

For redeeming free flights, we calculated an Aeroplan point to be worth 2.3 cents for all fare types on average.

We used several data points across different Air Canada flights within Canada, the US, and internationally to calculate the average value of an Aeroplan Point.

Factors that affect the value of an Aeroplan Point:

  • low-season versus high-season fares
  • Air Canada Aeroplan promotions
  • supply and demand
  • flying with Air Canada partners

Furthermore, the value of an Aeroplan Point significantly decreases to 1.5 cents if you use it to redeem for merchandise or non-Air-Canada-related travel, such as hotels or car rentals.

Aeroplan Points Redemption Chart

Though you can redeem flights with Aeroplan Points with taxes included, we recommend against it because the value of points significantly decreases. It’s better to reserve the base airfare portion only with Aeroplan Points and pay the taxes in cash.

Aeroplan PointsValue (CAD)Flight Value (taxes not included)
5,000$115Calgary to Kelowna one-way economy
10,000$230Toronto to Miami one-way economy
20,000$460Vancouver to Montreal one-way economy
30,000$690Edmonton to Seattle round-trip economy
40,000$920Toronto to Vancouver round-trip premium economy
50,000$1150Halifax to London (LHR) one-way economy
60,000$1380Kelowna to Denver round-trip business class
70,000$1610Vancouver to Sydney (SYD) one-way economy
80,000$1840Toronto to Dubai one-way economy
90,000$2070Vancouver to Tokyo one-way premium economy
100,000$2300Vancouver to Los Angeles round-trip business class
150,000$3450Toronto to Paris round-trip premium economy
200,000$4600Toronto to Sao Paulo round-trip premium economy
250,000$5750Montreal to Casablanca round-trip business class
300,000$6900Vancouver to Sydney (SYD) round-trip premium economy

Are Aeroplan Points Worth It?

Overall, I believe Aeroplan Points are worth it. After all, Air Canada’s Loyalty Program is free.

It can be annoying tracking or accumulating points if you don’t fly often or don’t shop through the Aeroplan eStore.

To get Aeroplan Points faster, I recommend getting the AMEX Aeroplan Card.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do Aeroplan Points cost?

Aeroplan Points cost 3.5¢ to purchase on Air Canada’s website. Purchasing points at this rate is a significant loss since each point is worth only 2.3¢.

Furthermore, the only time it’s worth buying Aeroplan Points is when there is a promotion, and you come out on top. For example, when Air Canada offers 80% bonus points, then it only costs 1.9¢ per point.

How many Aeroplan points do you need for a flight?

You can fly within Canada one-way for as little as 5,000 Aeroplan points, but not very far.

To have more destinations and long-haul flights, including round-trip fares, it’s better to have 50,000 Aeroplan Points

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