Last updated on March 10th, 2016

Making online reservations with private homes in Cuba isn’t easy. Cuba is behind in consumer email and internet access. Sometimes you may just want to call yoour Cuba boyfriend or girlfriend. I’ll explain how to make cheap calls to Cuba. I’m from Canada, so there may be cheaper ways to call Cuba from your country but the method I use should save you some money.

Currently, the cost of calling Cuba from Canada using Rogers’ landline and mobile are $1.10/minute and $1.95/minute respectively. Skype costs $0.83/minute plus a $0.09 connection fee. The long distance cards aren’t much help either with their fees.

How To Call Cuba From Canada and Other Countries

Luckily, I was able to find Rebtel. They’re a business specializing in international phone calls and a cheaper alternative. The current cost is low as $0.70/minute (still expensive) depending on the package you buy. They sometimes have promotions where they give you a 50% credit bonus. I don’t call Cuba or make international calls often so they also send me free credit or 100% bonus offers. The promotions can reduce your cost of calling Cuba to less than $0.30/minute. You can call Cuba for free as the first call is on the house. I believe Rebtel gives you five free minutes since this was what I received.

The good thing about Rebtel is it has an app for your mobile device and you can use it to call just about any country.

Calling Cuba internationally is expensive because their government imposes unfair contractual agreements with international telecommunications companies: communism, US Embargo, go figure.

Maybe in the next decade we won’t need Rebtel and the price of calling Cuba from any country will be cheap.