Last updated on October 12th, 2016

I almost fainted on Saturday when I saw the bottled water priced at $12. I had to look again and realized Freehand Miami was selling water bottles for $12 each — still expensive.

I later checked in.

Miami Beach is broken down into several neighbourhoods. The Freehand Miami Hostel is located in Mid-Beach, a quiet and calm area about two blocks from the actual sands of the beach. At $33/night, it’s a bargain compared to the South Beach prices a few blocks away.

I met my roommates throughout the day; two brothers from Australia, Danish guy, German girl and her Vietnamese friend, and a Dutchman. There was one other guy that I didn’t have the chance to speak with.  The room was empty most of the time since the travelers were out and about.

Walking down the boardwalk of Miami Beach you’ll see plenty of hot bods; men or women. People here want to look good and will make sure you know they look good. Why not with such nice weather? Add to the hot bodies are an endless line of luxury cars driving down Collins Road. I’ve never seen so many Maseratis and Lamborghinis in one day. My previous car which I sold, 2005 G35 Infiniti Coupe, is a low-end model in this posh city.

I called it a night early in order to wake-up in the morning and photograph the sunrise in Miami Beach.

I woke up around 5:30 AM Sunday. It was still dark outside. I didn’t want to turn on the lights and wake up my roommates. I used the flash on my cell phone as a flashlight, which is a nice feature on smartphones today.

The morning was cool and windy. The wind was resisting my walk to the beach. I looked for the perfect spot to photograph the sunrise in Miami. I took the photos in the Mid-Beach area; South Beach has too many chairs and umbrellas in the way.

I saw many people at the beach around 7:00 AM. Some of them were jogging and others were just waiting for the sunrise. I realized the sunrise in Miami Beach isn’t going to be any typical sunrise, but a magical one. I met a middle-aged woman wearing an orange-neon top and walking her dachshund. She was telling me how beautiful the sunrise is and how she loves seeing it everyone morning. The woman was right. Miami Beach has one of the best sunrises that I ever saw. You can see the sun’s rays fighting through the clouds and hitting the Atlantic Ocean.

With plenty of sunrise photos taken, I left the beach at 7:45 AM and headed back to the hostel for breakfast.

Breakfast sucked!

Since it was week 16 of the NFL season, I decided to go to Ocean Drive to watch football and get few drinks. I ended up at Oceans Ten in the South Beach area, just a block away from the late Gianni Versace’s mansion. It was a nice bar with many screens to watch the games. I had a few bets on the football games which I eventually lost! The Miami Dolphins also lost their game to the Buffalo Bills. During the games I ordered two beers and nachos which came up to about $40 including tip. I left the bar before the 4:00 PM EST games started.

Miami is a great city to spend a few days in, but pretty expensive. I’m sure I’ll return one day since the MIA Airport is a hub to Latin America.