Visiting the Swiss Alps was a dream of mine and what’s not a cooler way to do it than with an olympic sport. So, I decided to snowboard in Zermatt, Switzerland, in December of 2019, which is home to the famous Matterhorn mountain.

First of all, I flew into Switzerland and I travelled by train from Zurich Airport to Zermatt.

My Experience Snowboarding in Zermatt

My snowboard trip was bit of a mistake because the weather in Zermatt was warm – too warm in my opinion. It was hovering around 0°C. This makes bad snow as it melts and then hardens. I wasn’t sure if it was due to global warming or a natural climate cycle.

Some of the locals told me it was just a bad week because the weather was abnormally warm.

Only about 80 out of the 360 kilometers in trail runs were open. The main ski lifts and train up to the Matterhorn views were also closed. I didn’t get a chance to see the Matterhorn because of an overcast. This wasn’t a big deal because the overcast produced some snow which I’m used to in snowboarding weather.

But to make things worse, the crossing to the Italian side of the Alps, Breuil-Cervinia, was closed. And it didn’t open until the day I left: the story of my life.

Zermatt snow mountain

I still enjoyed my time in Zermatt despite my demise.

Zermatt is a charming, car-free town. Walking along the cobblestone streets displayed some vintage-looking homes. The town is picturesque.

Also, if you’re not a regular in Zermatt, the best way to ski or snowboard in Zermatt is with the Ikon Pass. It offers 5 or 7 lift tickets for Zermatt plus the Italian side. You’ll enjoy the savings compared to Switzerland’s high cost of living.

The Best Time to Ski and Snowboard in Zermatt

January and February are the best time to ski or snowboard in Zermatt as these months have the coldest average temperatures below 0 degrees. This is in line with most ski resorts in the Northern Hemisphere such as in Canada and Japan. December and March in Zermatt can be a hit or miss.

Ski and Snowboard Rental Shops in Zermatt

Ski and Snowboard Lessons in Zermatt