In February I went snowboarding in Killington. It was my first time at this resort and I enjoyed my time there.

I only snowboarded for 2 days because it was part of a ski and snowboard package with DC Events departing from Toronto, Canada. I could have snowboarded a third day but I decided against it because it was the same day we were departing and there was a bit of mist in the air.

How I Went to Killington

DC Events provided an overnight bus departing from Toronto on a Saturday night. The bus arrived in Killington on Sunday around 7:30 am. Sunday was the first day I rode. Unfortunately, there was no early check-in with the Killington Grand Hotel so I had to store my luggage in a conference room while I snowboarded.

The first day riding in Killington was really beautiful; it was a blue bird morning with the sun shining. On the first run I lost my friends except for one of them – the usual of skiing and snowboarding in a group.

snowboard trip to Killington

The Killington Mountain

I found the green runs in Killington to be very gradual: not very steep and easy to lose motion. Even the black runs weren’t that steep; beginner and intermediate snowboarders shouldn’t have a problem with them unless there are moguls. Of course, terrain difficulty is all relative and subjective.

Killington also has the Woodward Park which is suitable from beginner to advanced riders.

snowboarding killington

Killington and the Area

The Killington Grand Hotel has a large size pool and hot tub with plenty of room. It’s awesome to relax some muscles from a hard day of skiing or snowboarding.

I also went to buy some groceries nearby and I found the prices to be expensive. I’m not sure if it’s because of the Killington resort or just normal for Vermont. But the prices were just as expensive as when I snowboarded in Zermatt, Switzerland. The cost of food in and outside the resort may deter me from returning to Killington.


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