Last updated on October 11th, 2016

I love Mexican food and I have to make sure I don’t stop eating burritos in Medellin.

For over two years, I’ve been eating burritos at El Loco Carnal.

I accidentally discovered this place in Parque Lleras.  Maybe, it’s not a discovery since it is located in the gringo happy park.

cooking of burrito

My burrito being prepared.

I usually order the two-meat burrito at El Loco Carnal. I usually choose chicken and pork. It’s not a big burrito compared to the five-pounders, but it is filling. The two-meat burrito has corn, guacamole, and sour cream among other ingredients. This may be the best burrito in Medellin; but I’m not an expert food critic.

two-meat burrinto in Medellin

two-meat burrito

But the most important ingredients that come with the burrito are the sauces. El Loco Carnal provides a sweet sauce and a super spicy sauce. To balance the sauces they also serve sliced jalapenos.

From Left: sweet sauce, jalapenos, super spicy salsa

From Left: sweet sauce, jalapenos, super spicy salsa

I’m a sauce and salsa lover. I mix the sweet and spicy sauces into the burrito. When I take a bite of the burrito, I pop a few jalapenos slices into my mouth. I love it. And I burn.

Mucus runs out of my nose has I try to handle the super spicy salsa. Though it’s a battle to finish the burrito with these sauces, the sweat fest is worth it.

The last time I checked, the two-meat burrito costs 12,500 COP.

Get the burrito with a spicy michelada beer – you won’t be disappointed.

I’m not sure if El Loco Carnal is a chain. I haven’t seen any similar restaurants in Medellin. But there are other Mexican joints with the same name throughout Colombia.

The owner or the main cook is notorious for his famous quote when he hands you the bill, “tip not included.” He’s been saying this to me for over two years.

You can also try Taco House in Medellin. They have bigger burritos and it’s delicious. But El Loco Carnal is my favourite and has more of a local feel (again, it’s in a touristy spot though).