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Last updated on December 14th, 2021

I returned to the Galapagos in November of 2021. The main thing I noticed was the price of food increased, but still affordable.

Visiting the Galapagos on a budget is challenging, mainly because the best day tours cost $90 to $200 each and basic necessities are marked up. It also depends on your definition of budget travel: you can’t visit the Galapagos Islands on the cheap like one would for Guatemala or Thailand.

However, it is possible to travel the Galapagos on a budget like a backpacker.

6 Steps on How To Visit The Galapagos on a Budget

I’ll point out how you can budget for the Galapagos Islands. But first, let me disclose that I originally stayed on the Galapagos Islands for 86 days in 2016. I volunteered in the Galapagos for 4 weeks and also took an additional 2 weeks to obtain my scuba diving certification. The rest of the time I was wandering and trying to figure out if visiting the Galapagos on a budget was possible.

This place is a dream of mine, so I wanted to be here as long as possible. I saved some money and I blew some money, but I always looked for a deal. I like helping travelers save money and seeing the world’s masterpiece. Hopefully, you’ll be able to reduce your Galapagos trip cost after reading this blog post.

The most important thing about traveling the Galapagos Islands is to try and stay as long you can. I really don’t want you to do a 7 or 10-day trip. Try to stay at least a month. And embrace it.

You can stay on the Galapagos Islands for at least a month with $1000 and do only one tour, not including the cost of flights and park fees. If you have $2000, then you can splurge a bit and maybe even get on a Galapagos last-minute cruise.

The Galapagos is the greatest place on the planet. You’ll absorb its bliss on day one. But it’ll take time to breathe its life.

Galapagos budget infographic
The steps to saving money.

1. Cheap Flights to the Galapagos

Most flights to the Galapagos depart from Guayaquil or Quito. The flights from Quito (UIO) stopover at Guayaquil (GYE).

There are two main airports on the Galapagos: Baltra (GPS) and San Cristobal (SCY).

From Baltra Airport, you have to take public transportation ($5 paid bus (previously free), $1 paid water taxi, and another $5 paid bus) to get to Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz, which is $11 total. In pre-pandemic times, the cost from Baltra Airport to Puerto Ayora was $4. A taxi instead of the last paid bus costs about $20.

From the San Cristobal Airport, you can walk 15 minutes to Puerto Baquerizo Moreno or take a taxi for $1 or $2.

The best way to fly to the Galapagos on a budget is if you’re already in Quito or Guayaquil, or a nearby country. A round-trip flight to the Galapagos from mainland Ecuador is around $400 if you’re flexible with your schedule. But avoid staying overnight in Guayaquil due to its unsafety.

Most international flights to the Galapagos are going to hit your bank account: starting at $700 round-trip, even more, if you’re on the other side of the planet.

Have a flexible itinerary if you can, and use Skyscanner to search flights to the Galapagos for the whole year.

Checked luggage does not directly go to the Galapagos. It will have to be re-checked in Guayaquil or Quito. I’ve met travelers that were told their checked luggage goes directly to the Galapagos. Then they lost their luggage. Luckily, it was found and delivered later.

The Galapagos National Park entrance fee is $100 and the transit control card is $20. Both are only payable by cash at the airports. Yeah, visiting the Galapagos on a shoestring isn’t that easy.

2. Where to Stay in the Galapagos

There are only four inhabited islands: Floreana, Isabela, San Cristobal, and Santa Cruz. Depending on who you ask or what you read, some consider Baltra an inhabited island because of its airport and other facilities. I’m sure some locals sleep there but there really is no town.

Puerto Velasco Ibarra, Floreana: I only took a day tour here for $115 because I didn’t want to pay the $30 to $40 per night for a room. The rooms are not that great for the price according to reviews. There are fewer than 200 residents on this island. However, you can meet the Wittmer family who runs one of the hotels. See the documentary The Galapagos Affair.

Puerto Villamil, Isabela: I stayed at Casa Rosada (it’s pink) or also called the iguana hostel. Unfortunately, they wouldn’t budge on the price and I paid about $24/night including tax. They have hot showers with a great view of the beach. There is a lively bar at night with volleyball. But I wouldn’t stay here again because a lot of the locals hang out here at night. A traveler’s belongings were stolen by opening the room window. There are several other options on the main road where you can get a room for $15 or $20 a night.

Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, San Cristobal: Hostel San Francisco has small private rooms for $20/night (I paid $10/night). They include a private washroom. You can also get rooms with two beds, but the price is usually $15/night per person for these rooms which are bigger.   Hostal San Francisco is located on the malecon (main walkway along the waterfront), Charles Darwin Avenue. You can see the sunset from the main entrance or terrace.

Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz: I was able to get a private room for $15/night at Sir Francis Drake Hostel. I told the attendant I was a volunteer and asked if he can give me a discount. He also mentioned it is $12/night in a shared room.

If you’re visiting the Galapagos on a budget for an extended time, San Cristobal is your cheapest option.

It’s easier to get a discount if you stay longer or with a group.

3. Where to Eat in the Galapagos

While visiting the Galapagos on a budget, the cheapest way to eat out is to order the menu-of-the-day. They cost between $4 and $7 for breakfast, lunch, or dinner; and come with a variety of food. Consider it like a hamburger combo, but healthier, delicious, and more ROI.

For example, lunch includes soup, and the main dish with rice, meat, and vegetables, plus fresh juice.

Menu of the day. Galapagos on a budget.
$4 meals in Puerto Ayora

Puerto Villamil, Isabela: The menu-of-the-day restaurants can be found on the main dirt road, Antonio Gil. They cost $4 to $7 here.

Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, San Cristobal: You can find complete breakfasts on the malecon. It usually includes eggs, toasts, juice, coffee, fruits, butter, and jam at a price range of $5 to $8. They also offer the Ecuadorian version with a cheese plantain ball.

The $4 menu-of-the-day breakfasts or lunches can be bought at the market located on 12 de Febrero and Juan Jose Flores. In the market, you can also find the cheapest fruits, vegetables, and meats for some home cooking.

You can also go to Lucky’s at Jose de Villamil and Ignacio Hernandez. They have a $4 menu-of-the-day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I wasn’t able to figure out their schedule, I should have asked them. But they’re open most of the time.

There is also a delicious chicken-and-fries (Papi Pollo) joint at the corner of 12 de Febrero and Alsacio Northia. The price is $3.50 and tastier than KFC in Canada. There are other similar joints like this on the Galapagos, but this one is the best. The restaurant is only open in the evenings starting around 6 pm.

Probably the best and cheapest bakery in the Galapagos, Cuencano Taste, can be found at the corner of Federico Garcia and Alsacio Northia. They bake bread with pineapple, blackberry, or cheese filling for $0.60 each. Basic breads sell for $0.30. Cuencano Taste is closed on Saturdays.

baked goods
Cuencano Taste Bakery. Price has risen since this photo was taken.

Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz: This town has a lot of decent restaurants at higher prices. But you can still find the menu-of-the-day at the kiosk, which is on Charles Binford. They cost $4 or $5 here as well.

There is also a really great empanada place on the malecon, across from the fish market. They cost $1.50 each and are a decent size, but one won’t fill you up unless you’re a smurf.

If you decide to cook your own meals, remember that many prices of food are marked up. Products are marked up as high as 100%. I have a feeling freshly caught fish is sold at a decent price.

I usually buy flavored instant noodles between $0.20 and $0.40, here they cost $0.80. A 1-liter chocolate milk container is self-priced at $1.85, but I ended up paying $3.00.

Many travelers try to buy pasta sauce here but accidentally buy ketchup. Don’t make that mistake. Salsa de pasta is spaghetti sauce and salsa de tomate is ketchup.

The transportation costs for food from the mainland is the main reason for the markup.

It’s better to bring your own non-perishable food if you have space in your luggage (e.g., pasta sauce, spaghetti, canned tuna, peanut butter, salad dressing).

4. Galapagos Day Tour Costs

Experiencing the Galapagos day tours on a budget is difficult because they range from $30 to $200. The truth is, the more expensive, the better. I didn’t go on all the day tours, but I spoke with people about them and received advice from the locals.

The Best Galapagos Day Trips and Diving With Starting Prices and Locations

The Tunnels Tour, $95 snorkeling, Isabela – sharks, seahorses, penguins, sea turtles, stingrays, eagle rays, blue-footed boobies, underwater tunnels

Kicker Rock, $100 snorkeling, $150 diving, San Cristobal – sharks including hammerheads, sea turtles, stingrays, eagle rays, sea turtles, sometimes sunfish and dolphins

Gordon Rocks, $150 diving, Santa Cruz – the main reason to go on this scuba diving tour is for the nearly guaranteed chance of seeing hammerhead sharks

It’s hard to reduce the tour prices. The main reason is the tour operators have to pay a permit for each location they visit on a per person basis. There is a schedule of when the tour operators can visit a certain location. Plus gas or distance travelled adds more to the price.

You can still save $10 or $20 on the tours if you bargain. It’s easier to reduce the tour prices with a group. You’ll hear the saying, “how many people” often from tour operators.

5. Galapagos Last-Minute Cruises

Surprisingly, Galapagos last-minute cruises do exist. You can save hundreds or thousands of dollars off the initial price. The best way to save on cruises is to book in person through the tour operators or travel agencies on Puerto Ayora (where most of the cruises depart from).

The Galapagos last-minute cruises are cheapest the day before or the morning of departure. Forget searching online for last-minute deals, the website prices aren’t updated regularly. Internet is horrendous on the Galapagos.

Unless it’s Christmas or New Year’s, Galapagos last-minute cruises are readily available, even during the high season.

I was able to get a six-day last-minute cruise on the Aida Maria for $1050. The starting price for this cruise was $2300.

Of course, the best Galapagos cruise or tour is the Darwin and Wolf liveaboard. This is a scuba diving tour and you see plenty of hammerheads and whale sharks. I haven’t been on this tour, yet, because I don’t have enough diving experience. This cruise starts at about $5000 for 4 or 5 days. I did inquire at a travel agency for a last-minute price and they quoted me $3500. During the pandemic (verified November 2021), people paid as low as $2000 for a liveaboard to Darwin and Wolf.

6. Stay 1 Month in the Galapagos for $1000

Let’s assume you only visit San Cristobal Island, which by the way is my favorite island, and you’ll stay for one month (30 days).

Example: One-Month Galapagos on a Budget

Accommodation: $450 in Puerto Baquerizo Moreno ($15/night if you negotiate)
Food: $300 ($10/day)
Day Tours: $150 or $200 ($150 for Kicker Rock Diving Tour, $200 for Espanola Snorkelling and Hiking Tour)
Misc: $50 (medication, snorkel rental, bike rental, taxi)

Total: $1000

Even though the above Galapagos on a budget design doesn’t include flights or park entry fees, it is an overestimate. You should be able to get a room at $10/night instead of $15. If you spend $10/day on food, you can eat two full meals at restaurants for $5 each.

Keep in mind you don’t have to spend money on tours or do something expensive each day. You can relax at the beach, live like a local, or work from home (sometimes). A lot of the wildlife is easy to see, free, and nearby town. Of course, Kicker Rock is a beast.

Remember, this is the Galapagos Islands; you’re going to be surrounded by greatness.

Traveling the Galapagos on a budget isn’t possible if you’re a tourist, but hopefully, you’re a traveler and you’ll explore the Galapagos, experience its tingling magic, and save a bit of money.

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