Last updated on April 17th, 2018

Leaving your job, friends, and family behind to travel alone can be like winning the lottery for some travellers or an unwanted experience waiting to happen for others.

Most individuals prefer to travel with friends or a group to not be lonely and have a sense of security. But it’s hard to find people to travel with at the same time, hence the solo traveller.

I’m going to list the best and worst reasons to travel alone but they aren’t mutually exclusive. You’ll be able to figure it out.

Pros of Travelling Alone

  • You’ll discover you can do a lot alone without relying on others.
  • You’ll be alone, but you won’t feel alone when in a new and exciting place.
  • You don’t need to wait for anybody.
  • You’ll make new friends.
  • You can travel wherever you want.
  • You don’t need to worry about sick friends.
  • You’ll be able to travel the world on your terms.
  • You’re not allowed to talk to anyone at meditation retreats anyways.

solo travel

Cons of Travelling Alone

  • You won’t have someone to watch your back.
  • You’ll sometimes need a trusted friend to talk with.
  • You won’t have anyone to split grocery bills or a bottle of whiskey.
  • You can sometimes, and by that I mean rarely, feel lonely.
  • You won’t be able to split taxi costs.
  • You won’t have a friend to lend you cash if you lose your wallet.
  • Your significant other may not be happy with you travelling alone for long periods.
  • You won’t have someone to take care of you if you get sick.

I travel alone 95% of the time. And when I am travelling alone, I’m always making friends. I feel the pros of solo travel outweigh the cons. I also feel solo travel is geared more towards extroverts and changes introverts more into the extrovert lifestyle.

But one thing is for sure: beer is better chugged amongst friends.