Last updated on March 23rd, 2016

Paul Porter and I wanted to photograph the fireworks at Nathan Phillips Square. The venue is having nightly firework shows due to the Toronto 2015 Pan American Games. I shot them handheld the past Saturday – didn’t realize they were going to have fireworks – fail.

Paul and I enjoy photographing with other people including teaching beginners. We encourage people to travel more. Why not take photos while travelling? We use Toronto as a home base to teach photography – until we leave next year.

We invited our Meetup Toronto group to have a fun evening of photographing on July 15. Sue, Wayne and Ed joined us Wednesday evening. This time I brought my tripod.  It was daylight around 7:30 pm when we arrived at Nathan Phillips Square. We setup at the edge of the water pavilion across from the stages and the big Toronto sign.

Wayne showed me one of his wide angle photos that he took the Friday before. It was a great shot and had the people, water pavilion, and city hall in view. He suggested photographing the scene from the upper catwalk. I showed Paul the photo and he was impressed. We all agreed to move to the catwalk to get wide-angle photos.

As the night progressed, we gave Sue and Ed some tips to photograph the fireworks. Wayne is familiar with photography so he was good on his own. We waited several hours for the sun to go down just for 90 seconds of fire. But the wait was worth the photos. I used my Canon 6D’s Wi-Fi function to take multiple images with my HTC One as a remote.

Our photography meetup produced some great photos. Almost everyone was happy with their photos. Wayne unfortunately overexposed his photos. It’s not always easy being a photographer: hobbyist or professional.

mountain range photo for Topaz Detail Review

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