Last updated on February 24th, 2018

Creative travel blog names are catchy, cool, and easier for readers to remember. It’s also the first thing many people notice on a travel website or Google search results.

Getting your travel blog name correct the first time can save you a lot of hassle in the future: to avoid rebranding (a problem I encountered).

9 Best Ideas to Create a Cool Travel Blog Name

  1. Combination of words: My travel blog is a combination of two words: aperture and wanderlust. It points out my blog is about photography and travel.
  2. Play on words with your name: you need to be a bit clever or lucky with this one. My Dutch friend Lotte (pronounced Lotta) created Whole Lotta Lotte for her personal blog.
  3. Where you grew up or were born: London Nomad.
  4. Take a risk: Dirty Backpack.
  5. Something funny: Lost Latvian or No Limit Passport.
  6. Name of a famous movie, book, etc.: Indiana Jones meets Indiana Jo.
  7. Include a physical characteristic of yourself such as eye, skin, or hair color: The Blonde Abroad.
  8. Geographical terms: Tropic of Candice (instead of Cancer or Capricorn).
  9. Weather Conditions: Tsunami Scott or Suenami.

The Do’s and Don’ts of a Travel Blog Name

  1. Be genuine.
  2. Don’t use excessively long names. Shorter names are easier to remember for readers.
  3. The spelling should be easy.
  4. Make sure the domain is available.
  5. Don’t be boring.
  6. Make a list of travel blog names (with friends) and have your friends help you choose the best one.
  7. Don’t go overboard with SEO: is bad.
  8. Use a thesaurus for synonyms of travel-related words.
  9. Try avoiding articles in your name. Facebook used to be The Facebook.

Hopefully, I gave you some great tips to come up with your own travel blog name. If you still need help with creating that perfect name, then contact me and I can help out – for free.