Last updated on December 11th, 2016

Pimping isn’t easy. I don’t have a problem with prostitution with the exception of human trafficking and confinement. But I hate pimps offering their prostitution services when I travel. It’s a flipping hassle and prostitution in Boca Chica is no different.

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On November 4th, 2015, I was in Boca Chica, Dominican Republic, for a night before I went to a wedding in Punta Cana. I stayed at Hotel Mango because it was the cheapest. It’s mongerer friendly by the way.

After settling into my hotel room, I walked to the city center park and the beach via Juan Bautista Vicini Avenue. Truthfully, there wasn’t anything special to see. The space between the water and the restaurants was about five metres. Yeah, five metres in length of sand between the restaurant chairs and water. The place was crammed, like a puppy mill. I returned to the main road going along the coast, Duarte Avenue, and walked west towards Boca Marina restaurant. I was planning to eat here because the reviews on TripAdvisor were good.

There’s a market for sex tourism in the Dominican Republic.

A Dominican man, Franklin, was persuading me into a restaurant. He stated they have the best Pina Coladas. Actually, my teetotalist mother makes the best Pina Coladas – not.

I told Franklin I wasn’t interested. I was trying to get rid of him as he was walking with me. While I was getting further away from his restaurant, I told him I’ll return to check-out his restaurant after walking around town. He paused, and told me he’ll walk with me. Bah.

We kept walking and he was giving me info about the hotels, restaurants, and the one club we walked by. In addition to his tour guide services, he was pimping. He offered to bring me to a brothel with 35 women. I wasn’t interested. Not to sound cocky, but I wouldn’t need to pay for sex, especially in the Dominican Republic.

Eventually, we arrived at the Boca Marina restaurant. I didn’t see anyone sitting and eating at the restaurant. But the hostess said I needed a reservation to dine. I guess the restaurant fills up in the evening. Or the hostess thought Franklin and I were scumbags.

I had to get rid of Franklin, so I decided to go back to Hotel Mango with Franklin continuing to follow and offer his pimping services.

When I arrived, I told him I’m going to eat here. I told him I’ll check out his restaurant in the evening which I wasn’t. This guy requested a tip for his services and I told him no. “You followed me,” I said to Franklin. He was mad and walked away.

Life is difficult in poverty stricken countries. Unfortunately, some locals resort to prostitution.