Last updated on March 22nd, 2016

I’ve walked by Ginger on Yonge Street several times. I always looked in and seen how packed the place was. Ginger is a Vietnamese Restaurant. They also cook Pad Thai.

Today, my friend Paul and had dinner here. First thing I noticed walking in is that you order at the register. The prices are cheap. I ordered the small, rare-beef pho for $6. Paul ordered the hot-and-sour, chicken Pad Thai and a shrimp roll. We received a number card which you put on the table when you seat yourself. The card is used by the bus boy to identify your order.

You grab your own utensils from a small booth and pour your own water from the water station. This self-serve approach requires less wait staff. When your food is ready, a bus boy (maybe I should refer to him as a waiter) brings it to your table. He gave me the large size Pho. I informed him I ordered the small size and he switched it.

Inside Ginger Restaurant, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I enjoyed my pho and can’t complain for $6. Paul liked his meal but did mention his chicken was a bit dry.

People keep coming into this restaurant so they must be doing something right. Money talks and so does the low prices of this restaurant. The washroom was dirty so this gives me some idea of the kitchen cleanliness, or maybe not.

I would return to Ginger because the food was good enough for me and the price is inexpensive. This is not a must-eat restaurant.

In about a week, I was in the area and ate at Ginger. I ordered the shrimp Pad Thai for $8.

When my food was ready, a bus girl (waitress) brought my food. She brought me someone else’s Pho. I informed her I ordered the shrimp Pad Thai. She corrected her mistake. The shrimp Pad Thai was nothing special. It wasn’t bad either. The Pad Thai noodles were sticking to each other. Thai Express cooks better Pad Thai. I’m going to eat at other restaurants in the area for the time being.

Ginger Vietnamese Restaurant
695 Yonge Street
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4Y 2B2