Last updated on February 23rd, 2018

There are hundreds of WordPress travel blog themes that cater to different types of writers and styles. Choosing the best theme is crucial to ensuring your travel blog starts on the right path to success and retains readers.

How to Choose the Best WordPress Travel Blog Theme

1. Go With a Reliable Design Framework

The WordPress design framework of the theme needs to be clean and optimized for performance and security. This will allow readers to load your webpages quickly and avoid any hacking threats. It will also allow developers to create better plugins for your theme or make easier customizations to if needed.

2. Make Sure It’s Readable

You may be able to read your travel blog with ease but it doesn’t mean someone else can. Themes with a white background and dark font color are easiest to read for most users. Look for a theme that allows easy changes to font sizes and colors.

3. Get Found on Google Search

Use a WordPress travel blog theme that is SEO friendly out-of-the-box. Search engines will index your travel blog easier. In addition, you can focus more of your time on your content than worrying about SEO code.

4. Find a Theme that is Flexible

Eventually you will want to make changes to your theme as your travel blog grows. They might be subtle changes or major overhauls. A theme or framework with a visual drag-and-drop builder will help you make changes to your travel blog without code knowledge or hiring a developer.

5. Show Off Your Travel Photos

Regardless of if your travel photos are for readership growth or for family pleasure, you’re going to want to show them off, especially if you enjoy photo journals. Make sure to choose a theme that displays your travel photos vividly. Parallax themes are great at displaying landscape photos and provide a cool visual effect when users scroll down the page.

6. Get More Social Likes and Shares

Let’s face it; social media is as important to a website as water is important to the ocean. A theme with a built-in social media tool will help you with your content outreach. Another option is to use a WordPress social media plugin.

7. Grow Your Email Subscriber List

One way to keep users returning to your travel blog is to shoot them an email with your new posts and photos. A theme with an email opt-in form is beneficial. Like social media, you can also get a plugin. Ironically, I don’t use an email list.

8. User a Responsive Theme

This tip is really important. Your website needs to look nice and readable on all screen sizes. A responsive website automatically adjusts the layout of your theme, including the text and media, to correctly display on a user’s screen.

9. Make Your Travel Blog Beautiful on Smartphones

More and more webpages are being viewed via smartphones than desktops. Use a WordPress travel blog theme that is responsive and mobile-optimized. The good news is most developers already realize this so you shouldn’t have a problem finding a mobile-optimized theme. You’ll also want to get a general understanding of AMP (accelerated mobile pages) and install the AMP plugin.

Here Are Some Themes to Consider


Explorable WordPress Travel Blog Theme



Parallax WordPress theme


Travel Pro

travel pro WordPress Theme


Cheer Up

cheer up travel blog theme


WordPress travel blog themes don’t need to exclusively be designed for a travel blog. In other words, you can use a magazine or fashion blog template for your travel blog.

It’s better to a get premium theme instead of a free theme. The saying you get what you pay for is so true when it comes to quality WordPress themes. Plus, premium themes are updated regularly and provide better customer support. If you’re low on budget, consider starting with a free theme and later upgrading to a premium theme (changing themes can be a hassle).