Last updated on March 10th, 2016

Barcelona is an amazing city, rich with culture, art and some quirky local treasures. Spain’s most international city, it’s also the busiest port in the Mediterranean and one seriously popular tourist destination. But that doesn’t mean that Barcelona has to break your budget, and in fact there’s so much to do that is either really cheap, or as in the five activities below, totally free!

1. Walk Las Ramblas

Ah, Las Ramblas, the starting point for many a Barcelona adventure, this long pedestrian street has more than enough window shopping and people watching to keep you occupied all day long. There are rows of interesting shops, hundreds of restaurants and cafes, and a pretty decent variety of street performers just waiting to entertain. If by some chance you do get a little bored, there’s even more boredom busters to be found wandering around in Boqueria Market. Although you’ll need to pay for the products (and there are many temptations) walking around is free, and very entertaining.

2. See Sagrada Familia and Parc Guell

Gaudi is an unusual hero for Barcelona by any means, but he certainly left his mark on the city with his amazing architectural feats. Barcelona’s famous landmark, the Sagrada Familia, does charge an admission fee, but if you’re really on a budget it is still a stunning sight from the outside. What you’re missing out on is architectural details, and some stunning stained glass. Parc Guell is also not totally free, but portions of the park can be entered for no cost. It’s only the Gaudi-heavy areas that will charge an entrance fee, although the rest of the park really is lovely.

3. Wander in Barri Gotic

This is an older area of Barcelona, consisting mainly of tiny winding streets and historic buildings. This makes it a great place to just get lost in, and you’ll no doubt be discovering your fair share of antique buildings, churches and plazas. At its centre is the beautiful Gothic cathedral, which is free to enter and has the most amazing ceiling. Don’t forget to look up!

4. Be Entertained by the Magic Fountain

If you never thought a fountain would entertain you, you obviously never seen the Magic Fountain of Montjuic. In the evenings this 1929 construction performs jaw-dropping light, color and water acrobatics with musical accompaniment to the delight of spectators. It runs Thursday to Sunday in the summer, and Friday and Saturday in winter. Of course, it’s totally free, although very popular, so get there early!

5. Go to be beach!

What could be a better way to enjoy all that coastal Barcelona has to offer than to spend your day lying on the beach soaking up the sunlight. This one might not be a great activity for winter, but in the summer there’s nothing better. Barcelona’s beaches are high quality, and stretch from Barcelona across away from the city centre. It’s another free and easy activity guaranteed to impress

By Oceana Setaysha