To survive as a long-term traveller, you need to eat super cheap – often. I found a few cheap eat joints in Holguin, Cuba.

Hand-sized pizzas are sold in several locations in Holguin. They are simple cheese pizzas (pizza con queso) and only cost 5 national pesos which equals about 0.20 USD. The best one I found is on Maceo Street at Aguilera.  There are two pizza places on Maceo, so go to the one on the west side.

cuban pizza maker

After I get the cheese pizza, I walk to a smoothie bar five seconds away on Maceo. I bought papaya or guava smoothies for 3 national pesos each, and it’s the best smoothie spot in town, as recommended by a Cuban. I was at this smoothie bar during the non-mango season, so when mango is in season, I assume they will have mango smoothies, too. The joint sells other food, but they are known for their fresh smoothies.

guava and papaya smoothie bar

I ate the cheese pizzas with smoothies several times a week. It’s not the healthiest, but it’s a meal that costs less than 1 USD and allows me to keep travelling longer.

If you want a better and bigger pizza with more toppings, you can go to Rico’s (hopefully I have the name correct) on Martires Street at Frexes. The pizzas are made to order, and their supreme pizza costs 50 national pesos. The supreme pizza comes with ham, several vegetable toppings, plus pineapple. It’s filling and delicious, even by my standards.

Rico's Supreme Pizza

Usually the spaghetti in Cuba will make me gag, but Rico’s serves a decent (not amazing but decent) dish of it. I would eat their spaghetti again. After a night out in the town, you can come here to eat, because it is open 24 hours a day.

There are several other super cheap eats in Holguin, but these are my favourites.