Last updated on October 9th, 2016

The mosquitos were biting like I was a blood donor. I was trying to get a bite of Mexican ceviche.

La Coqueta restaurant had only outdoor seating on gravel rocks slightly smaller than golf balls. The tablecloth had three-inch-wide, multi-color stripes.

I ordered an Indio beer only because they didn’t have any other brands at the time. It was watered down and lacked flavor. Not what I expected from a Mexican brewery that has a Mayan warrior on the bottle.

The mosquitos were still feasting.

I also ordered the fish ceviche. The waiter first brought out the tortillas chips with three sauces: habanero, molcajeteada, and salsa. A few minutes later the fish ceviche came out in a dish-like bowl. I took a tortilla chip, scooped, and ate. I could no longer feel the mosquitoes biting me. The lime-infused ceviche hit the spot.

I tried the ceviche with the different sauces; each bite didn’t disappoint. The habanero fired up the ceviche with its spices from hell. I ate everything, even two small bowls of tortilla chips.

I paid 200 pesos for everything including tip: beer 36 pesos, ceviche 150 pesos, 10% discount for staying at Mango Tulum Hotel & Diving. It was over budget but expected for authentic Mexican ceviche.

After the meal I walked around the corner of La Coqueta, Coba and Tulum Avenue, and saw ceviche  selling for 85 pesos.