Last updated on January 20th, 2018

The Phuket airport transfer booths are readily visible as soon as you leave the international baggage claim area. The shuttles go from Phuket airport to Phuket Town, Patong, Karon and Kata.

From what I noticed, the prices are pretty standard. Even the airport transfer booths outside the airport were showing the same prices. Mind you, I didn’t look at all the prices to compare.

Phuket Airport Transfer Prices

Phuket Town: 150 Baht

Patong: 180 Baht

Karon: 200 Baht

Kata 200 Baht

I travelled to Patong. The price of a taxi from Phuket airport to Patong was 800 baht in case you needed to know. I just took the minibus shuttle.

The minibus drove us from the international terminal to the domestic terminal to pick up a few more passengers.

The driver and an outside shuttle attendant put the bags of the new passengers in the back of the minibus. I knew there wasn’t enough free space for all the new passengers. The attendant told the new passengers to enter the minibus and realized they couldn’t fit everyone.

So, a few of the people had to take the next shuttle. Of course, they now had to unload a few bags.

Not sure why they didn’t count the number of free seats on the minibus prior to putting on the luggage and boarding. I counted there was a total of 13 or 14 available seats (I think 2 passengers could sit in the front) plus the driver.

The minibus was comfortable with air conditioning.

minibus used for Phuket airport transfer

The minibus used to get to Patong.

After leaving the airport, the comical part started.

McDonald’s is pretty good at upselling by asking if you want to make your burger into a combo or supersize your combo. But this travel service takes upselling to a new level.

We arrived at a travel agency. A ladyboy opened the van and told us they needed to confirm where we were going and to organize the stops.

Phuket travel agency

Inside the travel agency.

When I went inside, there were a few travel agents. One of them took the address of my hostel. Then she proceeded to upsell a tour. I had to politely decline a few times.

We were at the travel agency for about 15 minutes.

After leaving the travel agency, the shuttle dropped me off about 50 meters from my hostel in Patong.

Overall, I would take the Phuket airport transfer again.

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