Last updated on April 6th, 2015

1) Totoya Michi

Nicknamed “Screamin’ Sushi” by the locals, this famous chain of sushi restaurants is bold in both volume and flavor. At Totoya Michi, delicacies are served on a conveyer beltdesigned to give customers the power of choice while dining. Sushi rolls are served in pairs on colored plates that represent different price categories. The portions are very affordable, topping out at just under 500 yen for even the choicest selections. After finishing your meal, make sure your sushi plates are stacked and then signal a server to receive a loud, rapid fire summary of every plate you consumed and its price. If you are looking for a fast, inexpensive way to experience conveyor belt sushi, Totoya Michi is the perfect choice.

 sushi chef totoya michi tokyo, japan

2) Sukiyabashi Jiro

If you are familiar with the art of sushi or the Michelin star rating system for restaurants, you have probably heard of the name Jiro before. With impossible reservation windows and a price tag  over 30,000 yen per person, the Jiro restaurant in Ginza is often not an option for casual diners. However, Jiro-san’s name also graces a smaller sushi restaurant located in the most unlikely of places- an upscale department store in Nihonbashi called Takashimaya. For a fraction of the price, shoppers can sit down for lunch at this small sushi haven in bustling Tokyo and order delicious sushi that is worthy of the Jiro name.

seared tuna sushi tokyo, japan

3) Sushi Dai

If the idea of raw fish for a 6am breakfast doesn’t turn your stomach, then you can join the droves of people who flock to Sushi Dai every morning. Located in the heart of the Tsukjii fish market, Sushi Dai serves what most people say is the freshest sushi available in Tokyo. This tiny sushi bar is also the perfect beginning for a day of sightseeing on the beautiful Japanese coast. Rise with the sun, experience Sushi Dai’s cuisine, visit the numerous waterfront parks to the south of Tokyo, and maybe even attend the famous Tsukjii tuna auction.

seared flat fish fin tokyo, japan sushi

4) Daisn Harumi Sushi

Kazuo Nagayama, famed author and sushi chef, is a master of the methodical. If you are looking for a formal dining experience where you will receive special attention from the chef, Daisn Harumi Sushi is for you. Nagayama-san’s sushi has a distinct taste that really reflects all the unique ingredients Japan’ coasts have to offer. If you are seeking a traditional sushi dining experience and you don’t mind being told what to eat and how fast you should eat it, consider the cultural treat that is Daisn Harumi.

5) The Sky

Easily the most romantic restaurant in Tokyo, The Sky is a revolving restaurant very similar to Seattle’s Space Needle restaurant. The Sky offers something for everyone in terms of cuisine, which is ideal when catering to a group of people who may not enjoy sushi. While The Sky is not strictly a sushi restaurant, the quality of its tuna will not leave you disappointed. The perfect time to visit The Sky is at the end of your stay in Japan, after a full day of shopping in Tokyo. While silently revolving high above the bustle of the city, you will be able to reflect on the memories you’ve made and marvel that yes, sushi is tastier when eaten in such a glamorous atmosphere.

By Kelley Ross