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Weatherwise, the best time to visit Bali is May to October (higher travel costs) and the worst time is the rainy season (but more than manageable), November to April. – Editor’s Note

A Taste of Bali: Waves, Sheer Cliffs and Artsy Bliss.

Bali is the classic island getaway and I am lucky enough to have been there twice.  I was trying to get a taste for a few islands in Indonesia, so to say I haven’t seen enough of Bali, is an understatement. Here is a brief run-down of my time there, and when the best time to visit Bali is depending on your budget and the type of holiday you are seeking.

Kuta is sometimes an inevitable stop for most heading to Bali. It’s a beach town near the airport, and after a flight that might be all you want. This was my first stop when I landed on the island for my first time. I decided surfing would be an awesome introduction to my time on Bali. The problem was I had never surfed before. Talk about spontaneity at its finest. Thankfully the water is perfect for a beginner, and I must say, I didn’t do half bad. I got up quite a few times, from what I can only assume was pure luck considering my trainer hardly spoke English. My instructions were half hand motions, half broken English, and shaking heads yes or no while bobbing in the water. It was an awesome experience though! You will find plenty of friendly locals on the beach who will give you a lesson for a nominal fee.

Ubud is a place that you just can’t miss when you go to Bali. I have been there twice and it doesn’t get old. Touristy? In many parts, yes. Still awesome? Totally. Ubud is a place that, for me, is a great mix of nature and a lively town. The artsy, vibrant and beautiful town can become a bit crowded during certain times of the year, but quiet nature is only around the corner. In the middle of the town are peaceful rice fields dotted with sheds, a few houses and some secret little restaurants. Ubud if full of phenomenal art museums, galleries, excellent restaurants, and then hidden guesthouses in the middle of a garden or field to go home to. I absolutely love this place.

ubud indonesia

Uluwatu is a spectacular little beach getaway that is nicer than Kuta. The surfing here is surely more for the pros, but I loved watching them from a cliffside restaurant while I munched on fresh food and sipped on my drink. Uluwatu Temple is a stunning spot that is precariously perched on a sheer cliff with the sea crashing below. A warning to everyone; the monkeys in the area will try and steal your things. Anything is free game: sunglasses, cameras, hats, your shoes. Take heed of these cheeky animals! They owe me a new pair of sunglasses.

When to Experience the Best of Bali
Bali is an awesome place to visit nearly anytime of the year, which makes planning your holiday easier. If you want to come during the best months, weather wise, May through October seem to be the right time because it’s dry season. The busiest is May to July. Remember, better weather usually means higher prices and more people.

If you are up for coming during the wet season, around November to April, you could save yourself some money.  The rainfall is usually a short rain shower during the day. If it pours, it’s often short-lived.

For all you surfers out there, April to October is the best time to ride the waves on the west coast. From November to March, switch to the east side for optimum conditions.

I surfed in Kuta October of 2011 and went back to experience Ubud again and to see Uluwatu during December of 2012. The weather was overall fine during both of my visits. I remember a couple of rainy days during my time in December, but nothing terrible.

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By Nina Ragusa, Where in the World is Nina