Last updated on February 10th, 2017

1. Ziploc Bags

They are amazing not only to keep things dry and odor free, but also keeps everything organized. Ideal for: cables, clothes, food, passports, anything.

ziploc bag


2. Small Travel Items

Don’t make your toiletries too heavy and bulky. Find small bottles you can refill, foldable brushes or toothbrushes, foldable scissors, hotel soaps and all kinds of tiny things.

small travel items

3. Pocket Knife

A pocket knife seems like basic advice, but always useful. Try to invest money in a good one with many functions. If you’re camping for some time, then consider buying a multi-tool.

pocket knife and multitool

4. Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda)

Baking soda works for many purposes. As an odor neutralizer, you can pour some into your shoes and combine it to make deodorant or shampoo; it also takes some stains away, great for washing teeth, works as an anti-acid to treat acid indigestion and heartburn among other uses.

baking soda

5. Toys for Kids

When traveling in third world countries, many kids will approach you asking for money. Instead you can surprise them with little toys, like the ones you get for free in a happy meal. You can really make someone’s day.

small toys

6. Portable Game

They can be anything from cards to mini games. They are great for making friends in hostels and shorten long trips in trains and buses.

card games

7. Take Something that Reminds You of Home

Let’s face it, sometimes travelers miss home. Take your favorite dry snack, music, maybe a photo or incense to build an altar to feel at home and be there when you need it.


8. Notepad

Movement, new smells and colors of a new country helps us reflect our life and dream about the future. Having a small handy space to gather all the thoughts saves great memories and maybe even help for an upcoming life change.


By Lucrecia Cesar