Heavy noise reduction causes images to lose important detail. In this Topaz DeNoise AI review, I’m going to provide you a summary of my noise reduction results and if DeNoise actually works.

Review of How Topaz DeNoise AI Works

Topaz Labs developed DeNoise AI to automatically distinguish noise from detail in a photograph, and consequently reduce the noise.

The software has an Auto Brighten Preview to increase exposures in shadows. As a result, this allows photographers to better see and reduce noise in dark areas of an image.

Topaz DeNoise Ai has two processing modes: DeNoise AI and AI Clear. DeNoise AI is the newer and better noise reduction tool. AI Clear is an older noise reduction tool which was an added adjustment to Topaz Studio.

I found DeNoise AI to be the better processing mode for most photos.

The software also has 3 adjustments sliders: remove noise, enhance sharpness, and recover details. I should also mention that DeNoise AI reduces luminance and color noise at the same time. There are no separate sliders to control them individually like Lightroom.

Now, I’ll discuss the results of my noise reduction.

Summary of Topaz DeNoise AI Results

Topaz DeNoise AI sample

One of the images I tested was captured at 1/15, f2.8, and ISO 1000. DeNoise did a good job at reducing the noise, most of which was color noise. But I had to crank up the recover details slider to 0.80 (values are 0 to 1) so the image doesn’t look soft. It’s hard to see the noise reduction because the image wasn’t that grainy.

Topaz DeNoise AI screenshot

In order to see the results better, I used an astrophotography image that I shot at 6.0, f2.8, ISO 3200. DeNoise AI did a great job at reducing the noise in the sky without removing all of the stars.

DeNoise screenshot

Lightroom vs DeNoise AI

I found that DeNoise AI is better than Lightroom at reducing noise in images that have a lot of noise. For images that don’t have much noise or isn’t clearly visible, Lightroom will still do the job.


Topaz DeNoise AI costs $79.99.

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Topaz DeNoise AI works. If you don’t have a decent noise reduction tool, then this software is a great choice to add to your photography workflow. 

If you already have Lightroom, Photoshop, or Capture One, then you probably won’t need DeNoise AI unless you have images with a lot of noise like in the case of astrophotography.


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