Last updated on November 28th, 2019

This Topaz Adjust AI review outlines the pros and cons of the software.

What Does it Do?

According to the developers, Topaz Labs, Topaz Adjust AI utilizes artificial intelligence or machine learning to automatically enhance photos through its network of information.

What that means – or at least what it means to me – is Topaz Adjust AI has saved prior information from numerous photos and how to best edit the image. Like a preset, you can adjust the image to something great with one click.

By the way, Topaz Adjust AI is the successor to Topaz Adjust 5.


The images in this review, including the featured image at the top (Preikestolen, Norway), consist of simple adjustments in Lightroom such as transform (to level image), lens correction, sharpen, and noise reduction. All other edits were used with Topaz Adjust AI to make, or try to make, the image pop.

Basic Review of How Topaz Adjust AI Works

The software can be used as a standalone application or as plugin through Photoshop, Lightroom, or Topaz Studio.

You access Adjust AI through Photoshop via the filter menu and through Lightroom the develop modulephotoedit in.

The software initially displays the original image with presets on the right. You to have to click a separate button to see the control panel to make adjustments. I prefer the previous interface of Topaz Adjust 5 where the presets are on the left and the control panel is on the right.

topaz adjust ai presets

The initial interface when you open Topaz Adjust as a plugin through Lightroom or Photoshop.

The control panel includes basic adjustments such as brightness, color, split tone and grain. The panel also has the automatic AI settings if you want the software to do the full edit: standard and HDR.

topaz adjust ai interface control panel

The Topaz Adjust AI control panel accessed via the controls button at the top-right corner.

I’m going to jump the gun and say I wasn’t initially impressed with the software because it was producing horrible, overcooked images. This can be corrected by reducing the overall strength or opacity of the adjustments. However, the main culprit seems to be the detail adjustments and, in some instances, cause dark halos around clouds.

I also noticed streaks in several of my photos while using the software. You can see a few white streaks in the above photo in the sky.

This somewhat defeats the purpose of presets, especially when I didn’t have this problem with Topaz Adjust 5. You can read my Topaz Adjust 5 review here.

A bonus of the software is it now includes Topaz Clarity and Topaz Detail (also known as Precision Detail) in the control panel giving more editing capability without downloading more Topaz Labs software. But as mentioned above, Topaz Detail is producing some bad effects in the presets. You can read my Topaz Detail review here.


  • one-click adjustments to enhance photos
  • comes with 45+ presets
  • includes Topaz Detail
  • includes Topaz Clarity


  • no adjustment brush
  • presets are too strong
  • unexpected artifacts show up
  • artificial intelligence editing still needs improvement

Topaz Adjust AI FAQ


The cost of Topaz Adjust is $79.99. At the time of writing this, it’s on sale for $59.00. You can also receive an additional 15% off using coupon Topaz Labs coupon code aperlust. A free trial is also provided.


At this time, I don’t recommend Topaz Adjust AI.

The machine learning capabilities the software promotes still needs improvements. Plus, if you already have Topaz Adjust 5, there is no need to upgrade. But I believe the upgrade is free since I originally purchased Adjust 5 and received an email for the free upgrade.

Even more, the software tends to crash a lot when used as a Lightroom plugin on my MacBook Pro.

Above all, Topaz Adjust AI shouldn’t be used as standalone editor. You’ll need to incorporate it with your Photoshop workflow or any other image editor that uses layers and masking to brush away the unwanted areas.

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