Luminar version 4.2 now allows you to add an object in the sky using the AI Augmented Sky tool.

The software comes with a library of images to place in the sky. You can also load your own custom object.

If you decide to load your own custom object, it is best to have it as a transparent PNG image or an image with a black background.


Luminar 4 AI Augmented Sky Technologies

  • Place an image in the sky using the Object Selection dropdown. You can also load your own image here.
  • Amount controls the opacity of the object.
  • Warmth controls the temperature of the object.
  • Relight adjusts the color balance of the object with the rest of the image. This helps color grade the overall image.
  • Place Object allows positioning and resizing of the object.
  • Mask Refinement helps correct any details in the object mask.
  • Defocus blurs the object. A slight adjustment to the defocus can help the object look more natural in the sky.
  • Edit Mask allows to paint or erase part of the object.

For more information on Luminar, please read my Luminar review.

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