You take that amazing picture but realize it’s ruined by undesirable objects or people in the photo. Well there’s an easy way to get rid of blemishes with Photoshop. I’ll teach you how to remove people or objects from the background of your picture using Photoshop.

Watch the below video or follow these steps:


  1. Open the photo in Photoshop.
  2. Create a new empty layer.
  3. Select the spot healing brush tool (J).
  4. Adjust the brush spacing to 1%.
  5. Start with a brush hardness of about 50%.
  6. Adjust the size to about the same size as the object you are removing.
  7. Make sure the brush size is set to content-aware.
  8. Make sure sample all layers is selected.
  9. Now brush over the objects you want to remove.
  10. Photoshop will automatically remove the object.
  11. If Photoshop didn’t remove the object unnoticeably, then keep brushing over the area again.
  12. Now the object or person is removed.

If the above steps don’t provide an aesthetic image, then adjust the brush hardness and size. The brush hardness is similar to Lightroom’s feather option in its spot removal tool. You can also use this technique to remove pimples or scars from a person’s skin. If this still doesn’t work, then you’ll need to use Photoshop’s clone stamp tool.

how to remove objects in Photoshop

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