Last updated on October 10th, 2016

I just returned from photographing Iceland with my travel photography partner, Paul Porter. The experience wants us to return to Iceland in winter.

Most individuals don’t have Iceland on their travel bucket list. Maybe it’s too cold. Tough people don’t mind the cold and as a Canadian, I embrace it.

We photographed waterfalls, geysers, animals, icebergs, and some.

Jökulsárlón Iceland Glacier Lagoon Icebergs

Paul and I wanted to do some night photography and were expecting about four hours of darkness during the summer – we were wrong. There was almost 24-hour sun. You would see the sun go down and the sky get darker, but then the sun moves to the side and comes back up. Some people describe the Sun as going in a circle in the Icelandic Sky. But we know it’s not the Sun that’s orbiting Earth.

Paul Photographing Iceland crater in Kerið, Iceland

Photographing Iceland isn’t easy due to its unpredictable weather. The wind and rain were factors in setting our DSLR exposures. Plus climbing some of the mountains to make a great photo was risky. We risked our lives to make a great photo in Iceland.

Until next time Iceland.