Last updated on March 22nd, 2016

Bad weather makes great photos. And better for painting with light.

It was a rainy Friday but that didn’t prevent our Meetup Toronto Group from having a fun night. Paul, the group, and I met at the Jack Layton Ferry Terminal on Bay Street. The weather was gloomy but by 7:30 p.m. the rain stopped. Our Meetup Group paid $7.50 for a round trip ferry to Centre Island.

We started with long exposure shots of the Toronto Skyline. As the night progressed we pulled out our glow sticks and LEDs, and painted with light, with the CN Tower in the background. Writing backwards with light is not easy. I had to try a few times to write my name correctly.

Some attendees came just to get out, which was cool. They weren’t gung-ho about photography and just wanted to meet some new people.

Unfortunately, I lost my lens pen. I didn’t care about losing it because it’s cheap to buy another one. I didn’t want to leave garbage around our beautiful city. Let’s keep our planet clean for everyone and every being. I’ll buy another lens pen soon.

Make sure to try painting with light.