Last updated on March 18th, 2020

In this LinkedIn Learning review, I’m going to provide you a summary of the platform, courses, and if it’s worth signing up.

What is LinkedIn Learning?

LinkedIn Learning is a runoff from the popular LinkedIn social media platform for professionals. It was merged with Lynda to offer a one-stop cafeteria plan of 5000+ online video courses for various specialties.

What Courses Does LinkedIn Learning Offer?

LinkedIn Learning offers courses in 3 main categories: business, creative, and technology.

The courses are meant to teach you a person-based competency such as critical thinking or software such as Adobe Photoshop.

How Does It Work?

The courses are geared towards beginner, intermediate, and advanced students. Every course varies in length but most are more than 2 hours longs. However, the courses are broken down into mini videos of a few minutes making it easier to learn in short increments.

LinkedIn Learning also offers learning paths. It’s a dedicated curriculum to get you from a beginner to advanced level in a subject such as Python or project management.

Students can also learn mobile with the Android or iOS apps. The video tutorials can be downloaded to a smartphone for offline viewing. This is perfect when you are commuting on public transportation or waiting at the airport.

After the completion of every course, you’ll obtain a certificate which you can post on your LinkedIn profile.

My Experience with LinkedIn Learning

I’ve used LinkedIn Learning to learn some of Adobe’s software including Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Illustrator. I wouldn’t have been able to get some of my creative work done without LinkedIn Learning, even with all the free YouTube tutorials.

One of the main reasons I’ve become pretty decent with Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom are because the Adobe courses on LinkedIn Learning are taught by Adobe Certified Experts: they know their stuff.


LinkedIn Learning costs $34.99 monthly or $299.88 annually and comes with a 1-month free trial.

LinkedIn Learning screenshot

Is LinkedIn Learning Worth It?

The price is steep for most individuals. I think it’s only worth it if you continually watch the video tutorials and learn. You’ll need to dedicate a certain amount of time every week to justify the cost.

You can also do a learning blitz. Just signup for the free trial and learn as much as you can.

For businesses, it’s thousands of dollars cheaper to learn online than to hire an in-house instructor or send employees to a brick-and-mortar course. LinkedIn Learning does offer business pricing.

Nonetheless, if you put the price aside, you will learn something new on LinkedIn Learning and probably become an expert on your subject or software.

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