Adventure trips are fun. Whether you are going for a day hike, backpacking, or camping, you want to make the most out of the trip. When we get bored with the mundane, a challenging trip can bring back the colors.

But as much as it sounds exciting, not the entire journey remains smooth on an outdoor trip. Stuck zippers, lace knots, food cans that are hard to open — are everything that comes in this package. Our ancestors were good at using their hands and surrounding resources in the wilderness, but we have left that skill far behind.

We live among ready-to-use appliances. Yet, we enjoy being close to nature at times, while we keep our fondness for technology close to heart.

Knowing the human requirement for convenience, the outdoors industry has made multitool products. These products are easy to carry and serve many functions. Hence, we keep them in our backpacks and enjoy the fun ride of adventure. When you’re in the best places to hike or backpack, you don’t want a lack of equipment to ruin the journey.

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Do You Need a Multitool?

When you are going on an adventure, you might like to gamble with the path. You want to win over everything that the road throws at you. However, on the road of uncertainty, you do not always know what tool you will need. This is why you should carry a multitool, especially when you can’t carry the big toolbox on the trek.

As the name suggests, a multitool provides housing for many tools that will serve various purposes.

You might need the magnifying glass to locate a splinter or need to loosen a stuck zipper with the pliers. In moments like these, having a multitool can ensure you that you have something to rely on.

Keep in mind that a multitool is not meant to replace the original functional tool. The tools are quite tiny compared to the dedicated tools. You can’t cut a log with the saw of your multitool, but you can open a can without bleeding your fingernails.

For small avoidable problematic moments, you should keep a multitool in your backpack or pocket. The compact, lightweight toolhouse may save your day.

Swiss Army Huntsman multitool

What to Look for in a Multitool?

The marketplace is full of multitools from various brands. You know the requirements of your next outdoor trip. Hence, you need to decide what the ‘must have’ qualities are in your multitool. But there are some fundamental things you need to inspect before purchasing a multitool.


This might be a compact tool, but durability is everything in this product. Durability ensures the quality of the product, and no one wants to settle for cheap quality.

Usually, stainless steel material is used in a good quality multitool. You need to use the blades quite often.

Stainless steel blades are cutting edge and works well. Quality products are rustproof. It ensures that you can expect to use the product over and over. You don’t have to worry about replacing the multitool before every trip constantly.


You take a multitool to solve problems — the more the functions, the better the usability. The multitool should offer essential tools like scissors, blades, and a wire cutter.

A handy and efficient product will offer you more. For example, an average multitool will have 5 to 7 tools. But a great multitool will offer 15+ tools. When you have so many options in your hand, you can rely on the product more. 

Size and Weight

Multitools usually come in a compact design. The purpose is to save space and increase functionality. Go for a product that does not occupy too much space in your backpack. It’s even better if you can fit the product in your pocket. This way, you can access the product when you need it.

Some multitools are made for keychains. This is also an excellent space-saving idea.

The functions of the product often come at the cost of weight. If you add tools, the net weight increases. You have to specify your needs.

Suppose you are going backpacking. You will need scissors and a knife more than a wire cutter. In this case, why would you bring multiple tools when all you need is a compact, lightweight multitool? 

Easy to Use

Since most of the tools are housed in a small compact device, the operation can be tricky. Therefore, look for a product that offers easy operation.

You can opt for a butterfly design. Flip the product and open it like a book. You will get easy access to the tools.

Another popular access design is the one-handed opening. You can reach the blade in no time.

Lock Feature

Only the best quality multitools offer this feature. It sets the lock on the tool you select. This way, the tool does not shift from the position.

You can do your work without facing any movement from the product. The firm position helps you in using the tool. It also reduces the chance of getting hurt by the shifting blade or another tool.

Best Multitools

1. Leatherman Charge+ TTi (Titanium)

Leatherman Charge+ TTi multitool

19 Functions: knife, scissors, screwdriver, bottle opener, and more

Missing: tweezers, corkscrew

View on Leatherman or REI

The 10cm long multitool is made with 420HC Stainless Steel. It features a Titanium handle which speaks of the premium quality of the product. You will love the all-locking feature during your adventure tours.

The replaceable pocket clip, quick-release lanyard ring, and one-hand operable feature make this multitool easy to work with. You can pull out the knife with one hand. And the best part is, you can have your own customized multitool.

2. Gerber Gear Suspension

Gerber Gear Suspension multitool

12 Functions: plain edge knife, serrated knife, scissors, can opener, and more

Missing: wire stripper, tweezers

View on Amazon or Gerber Gear

You can use this multitool when you’re on hiking, backpacking, or camping trips. This product is not only efficient on your adventure trips, but also quite handy for your everyday house works. The lightweight and open frame design make the product easy to carry and use.

Also, the butterfly opening feature is quite convenient. It will not cost you much time to open and use it. A tool lock feature is always there to assure you comfort while working. Keep this multitool in your house or car, and you will always have a solution for unexpected problems.

3. Victorinox Swiss Champ

Victorinox Swiss Champ multitool

33 Functions: screwdrivers (3 and 6mm), scissors, knives, and more

Missing: belt cutter, package opener

View on Swiss Army or Amazon

This product can be your ultimate companion for both indoor and outdoor requirements. You can do anything – from cutting fruits to sawing wood.

All knives and tools of the Swiss Champ are made of stainless steel. This product is winning hearts for its fabulous performance. Having a Swiss Army product by your side can help you solve many problems in the backcountry.

4. Leatherman Surge

Leatherman Surge mulitool

21 Functions: pliers, scissors, knives, can opener, and more

Missing: tweezers, corkscrew

View on Leatherman or REI

This product is built with quality material like 420HC Stainless Steel and Black Oxide. It’s one of the two largest multitools of Leatherman. The Surge is quite user-friendly with its easy-to-use-lock feature.

The highlight of the product is the longest and sharpest blades from Leatherman. You will also get a unique blade exchanger and four outside opening blades. This 11.5cm multitool can help you in fixing most things. Besides, you can accessorize the product with your name.

5. Pohaku Multitool Knife

Pohaku Multitool Knife

13 Functions: knife, can opener, screwdriver, and more

Missing: scissors, tweezers

View on Amazon

This multitool knife is made of high-quality stainless steel. The robust design of the 3″ blade gives you cutting-edge convenience. You can operate the tools with only one hand. In addition, it’s effortless to slide out the blade knife.

When you need only one tool, you can access it without opening the entire plier. The lock-the-blade feature ensures safety. It’s there to prevent accidental movement of the blade.

Use it, gift it, or keep it by your side. The Pohaku Multitool Knife is rustproof and can last for a lifetime.

6. Swiss Army Huntsman

Swiss Army Huntsman blue color multitool

15 Functions: 2 blades, scissors, can opener, toothpick, and more

Missing: electrical crimper, pliers

View on Swiss Army or Amazon

A great quality pocket knife offers a lot of functionality. It’s something you should carry while hiking or camping. The Swiss Army Huntsman is an ideal choice for you during any adventure trip.

This product carries the reputation of a legendary Officer’s knife. The Huntsman weighs only 3.4oz, and you can easily store it in your pocket.

By keeping this product close to you, you can cut ropes or saw wood when the situation demands. In addition, the 10cm length and compact design make the product easy to store in your backpack. But you may not be able to operate it using only one hand.

7. Swiss Army Fieldmaster

Swiss Army Fieldmaster multitool

15 Functions: screwdrivers (3 and 6mm), can opener, scissors, and more

Missing: corkscrew, pliers

View on Swiss Army or Amazon

Here’s another quality Officer’s knife for your everyday needs or camping trips. The Swiss Army Fieldmaster has a razor-sharp saw, scissors, and more helpful tools. You can easily slide the 10cm long multitool inside your pocket. It weighs only 3.5oz, so it does not feel heavy.

You can trust the durability of the product. Many customers have been complementing the product for its fantastic usability. Use it during hiking, camping, or use it along with other outdoor activities. Pay attention while using the blade, as it does not have any locking feature.

8. Sheffield Premium 14-in-1 Hammer Multitool

Sheffield Premium 14-in-1 Hammer Multitool

14 Functions: nail claw, screwdrivers, wire cutter, and more

Missing: scissors, corkscrew, tweezer

View on Amazon

The steel material construction speaks of the premium quality of this product. This multitool can be a great ally to you on your backpacking or camping trips.

You will get 14 functionalities in this 1 product. In addition, many backpacking tool requirements, including a hammerhead, are combined here.

The compact design takes little space in your backpack. From opening bottles to cutting wire, the Sheffield multitool can do them all. Although you have to carry a little bit of extra weight, 12.8oz., you don’t need to find rocks for hammering down pegs into tents. But keeping in mind the usability, the extra weight and 9.7″ length may be welcome by some backpackers.

9. Gerber Gear Dime

Gerber Gear Dime keychain multitool

10 Functions: scissors, wire cutter, bottle opener, and more

Missing: can opener, wire stripper

View on Amazon or Gerber Gear

Gerber Gear wants you to be prepared all the time. So they have included ten functional tools in this keychain multitool. You can keep it with your keys or inside your purse, pocket, or backpack. In addition, this product is lightweight at only 2.2oz.

If you like to have the tool always ready to use, you will like this product’s butterfly opening feature. It’s small and convenient to use, and the exposed bottle opener is quite handy.

The stainless steel construction will ensure durability. In addition, this product looks dashing.

10. Swiss Army SD Classic

Swiss Army SD Classic

7 Functions: small blade, scissors, toothpick, and more

Missing: screwdriver, bottle opener

View on Swiss Army or Amazon

People who love to travel minimalistic will love this product. It’s lightweight and compact, weighs only 0.7oz. Aside from attaching the Swiss Army Classic to your keychain, you can put this in your backpack or pocket and forget about it.

The lightweight feature will cost you some functions. Yet, it’s practical and inexpensive.

Apart from being useful during outdoor trips, this product can be your savior when you need a quick manicure with its nail file.


An array of tools is kept inside a multitool. You, as a consumer, are in control of what to choose from the large selection of products. As mentioned earlier, it’s essential to note that the multitool is a miniature of the large dedicated product in a toolbox. The functions are provided only to solve problems instantly.

When you are out in the wild, you are often unaware of the demand of a situation. The idea is simple here — always be prepared. It might not be a good idea to cut a log with a small saw, but at least you can cut some wood to make a fire.

Or open a bottle without hurting your finger, peel or cut food using the blades, or fix the screws of your equipment. Having a multitool inside your backpack can be your sword against the unknown demon on the road.