“It is about the journey, not the destination.” It may seem quite overused, but only because it is found to be true ¾, especially by adventure-seekers looking to discover the true meaning of living. And perhaps the journey you need to take is the one towards finding yourself. What better way to fully take advantage of your freedom and self-discovery than through guided yoga, meditation and wellness?

From the deep jungles of Costa Rica to the blue and sandy coasts of Greece, here are some of the most luxurious and rejuvenating all-inclusive retreat destinations to help you forget about your woes and take your practice to the next level. 

1. Ananda (India)

There’s nothing like deepening your yoga practice than experiencing it in the motherland. Located in the Himalayan foothills in Northern India, Ananda was ranked the number one destination spa in the world in 2019.

Designed for those already familiar with yoga, Ananda offers a wide range of packages centered on traditional meditation practices such as Ayurveda and Vedanta, blended with the best of international influences.

The five to twenty-one-day retreats focus on stress management, weight management, and of course, spiritual growth. Talk show host Oprah Winfrey shares, “Going to Ananda is more like a pilgrimage than a visit.” Other notable figures who frequent the resort are Prince Charles, Uma Thurman, Josh Hartnet and Ed Norton.

Each wellness journey starts with a one-on-one consultation with a doctor to encourage singles to specialize in their practice. Packages include accommodations, 3 meals per day, and the use of hydrotherapy facilities.

Rates start at 2,825 USD for 5 nights 

For more information: View www.anandaspa.com

2. Kamalaya (Thailand)

Another award-winning destination spa, Kamalaya, in Koh Samui is nestled in a valley and built around an ancient cave that Buddhist monks once inhabited.

Known for the cave’s healing qualities, the location is the perfect destination for quiet contemplation. Its range of low-intensity wellness programs is a great starting point for first-time solo travelers on a mission to pursue their health and meditation journey. Guests may choose between packages that last either for three, five or seven days. Besides traditional group yoga classes, solo travelers and singles may enjoy other group activities such as Tai Chi, circuit training and aqua aerobics.

Each package includes accommodations, 3 detox cuisines per day, and access to pools, saunas and the fitness center.

Rates start at 1,889 USD for 3 nights

For more information: View www.kamalaya.com

3. Como Shambhala (Bali)

Located just fifteen minutes away from Bali’s spiritual center, Ubud, Como Shambhala Estate and its luxury Balinese villas are secluded within a breathtaking tropical jungle. Perfect for both new and advanced yoga practitioners, guests will focus on strengthening exercises with breathing and meditation techniques to the sounds of rustling leaves and the rumbling Ayung River.

The highly-rated flagship also offers other activities such as jungle walks, river rafting, cooking classes and private tours. Singles and solo travelers are ensured a completely hassle-free trip as every detail will be taken care of by a personal assistant provided by the resort. 

Each wellness package includes accommodations, 3 meals per day and complimentary use of amenities.

Rates start at 2,400 USD for 3 nights

For more information: View www.comohotels.com

4. Anamaya (Costa Rica)

It is no wonder Costa Rica is known to be one of the happiest countries in the world. Recognized for being one of the world’s blue zones, the Nicoya Peninsula, where Anamaya is located, is an area where people are known to live longer lives. Situated on a cliff edge overlooking Montezuma’s beach town, this luxury boutique hotel offers retreats where surf and yoga meet.

Many avid surfers commonly practice yoga to increase stamina and enhance flexibility. This retreat is best for solo travelers looking to enhance their skills, both inland and water. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone.

Anamaya offers weekly yoga and surfing retreat packages for one to customize, wherein the cost of the package is added to the base rate. The base rate includes classes, accommodations and daily meals.

Rates start at 1995 USD for 7 days

For more information: View anamaya.com

5. Amansala Resort (Tulum)

Known for their exciting range of heart-pumping yoga and fitness retreats, Amansala is frequented by Hollywood celebrities such as Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, Reese Witherspoon, Cindy Crawford and Jude Law.

Just a few steps away from the oceanfront, the eco-chic resort takes pride in their most famous and beloved program, the “Bikini Bootcamp,” which encourages inner discovery through time in nature and the sea. The standard camp lasts six days and is composed of a combination of high-energy cardio and strengthening classes, yoga, pampering, healthy eating, and taking walks on the beach. Other activities may include salsa, African and belly dance classes. 

Each retreat package includes accommodations, daily delicious and healthy meals (except for one dinner wherein guests can experience local flavor) and spa services.

Rates start at 2,250 USD for 6 nights

For more information: View www.amansala.com

6. Vajra Sol Yoga Retreats (Peru)

Situated between the Sacred Valley and Andean Highlands, Vajra Sol’s 8-night Peru Yoga Retreat takes guests through three different destinations, including a private tour to “the Lost City,” the mysterious civilization of Machu Picchu. The combination of daily Vinyasa and restorative yoga with the atmosphere’s powerful energy allows one to be more in tune with their yoga practice. Additionally, solo travelers can enjoy group tours with like-minded individuals who wish to immerse themselves in the Incan culture, explore Cusco’s vibrant city, and experience Andean ceremonies led by traditional healers.

Each retreat package includes accommodations, entrance fees, most meals and private group transportation.

Rates start at: 2,850 USD for 8 nights

For more information: View www.vajrasoltravel.com/yoga-retreats/peru/

7. Yoga Escapes (Greece)

An escape to Mykonos provides the quintessential Greek experience where indulgence and flexibility overpowers discipline — but in a good way.

For singles and solo travelers looking to have less of a routine, Yoga Escapes do not tie their guests to any obligations. No set schedules, no enforced diets, just pure freedom and