Last updated on March 8th, 2016

On Saturday, April 12, 2014, I saw many beautiful Colombian women while walking past security in Jose Maria Cordova Airport. I felt my first trip to South America and Medellin was going to be great to me. The warm air was comforting compared to Toronto, neither too hot nor cool. I was in the City of Eternal Spring.

I went to the currency exchange booth but they couldn’t exchange Canadian Dollars for some reason. I was told to go to the currency exchange booth on the second floor of the airport because they can exchange CAD. I was about to go upstairs but ended up withdrawing Colombian Pesos from an ATM.

A pretty Colombian girl was withdrawing money next to me. I asked her about the public transportation and where in Medellin she lived. She was a nice person and wanted to help. I was trying to share a taxi into the city. Unfortunately, she wasn’t going to El Poblado like I was. I ended up taking the taxi to Black Sheep Hostel; the taxi cost 60,000 Colombian Pesos (COP).

I checked in and met the evening hostel attendants, Andreas and Daniella. Andreas was tall, thin and had curly hair with a fade on the side. Daniella was short (maybe 5’3”), average size, wore glasses and had long-brown hair, Caucasian skin and braces too. She definitely had the Colombian cuteness to her.

After settling in I met Magnus the blonde-hair-blue-eyed Swede. He was in Colombia to practice his Spanish while taking online courses for school back home in Sweden. He and I were down to hit the Medellín nightlife, but things didn’t go according to plan.

We left the hostel with an Australian, Ryan. The three of us took a taxi to the Rio Sur Mall; this mall had several discos on the seventh floor. The cover was 20,000 COP for all of the discos except for one, which was free. Magnus, Ryan and I first went into the free disco — small in size — which was full of people. You couldn’t lift your arms without hitting someone. Getting to the bar through the crowd was a mission in itself.

I realized all the women were with men either as friends or boyfriends. While passing the women the guys would make sure to cockblock us. Some of the guys would put their hands on the women’s waist — insecure men. I only saw one group of girls that were not with guys but they were not my type.

We left the free disco and paid 20,000 COP each to enter Sixtina. This disco had hotter women and better music including some reggaeton, but again the women were with guys. I made a few moves and did not get the time of night.

Around 2am we left the Rio Sur discos and went bar hopping on the street near the city’s athletic center.   The strip was full of bars playing reggaeton and salsa. There must have been at least 15 small bars along the strip. We met a few local men that wanted to know what we were up to. They invited us to sit and they gave us some shots of their liquor as we mingled.

The results of the bar hopping on the street was the same as the discos in the Rio Sur Mall.

Around 4 am we left for the after parties at a Palmahia. I was hit on by a girl but I realized she was a whore and had to brush her off. We hit a few discos until 6am. I met a hot girl by the name of Lissethe who was waiting for a taxi with her friend. I ended up getting her number and planning to go out for dinner the next day. That ended up flopping on me.

Magnus, Ryan and I grabbed some food and headed back to the hostel around 7 am.

The consensus between us is that you need to meet Medellin women through social circles instead of just picking them up at the bar.

I woke up around 2 pm, Sunday, and took a 10-minute walk to the Exito supermarket. The produce section had a fresh and strong aroma of fruits drifting through air. How come the supermarket in Toronto doesn’t smell this delicious? I was forced to buy mangos since my mouth wanted to experience what my nose did.

Mangos Exito Medellin, Colombia

In the evening I met up with Gerard the Dutchman and we went to the football (soccer) game (7:45 pm) with two other travelers. The ticket cost 32,500 COP for Medellin’s Atletico Nacional versus Zipaquira’s Fortaleza FC. The fans wore their green and white Atletico Nacional jerseys so I bought one too. There was a band section which played music throughout the whole game. The Medellin fans love their football. People were dancing and singing like in a nightclub. I didn’t mind the beautiful women in the stadium either.

Atletico Nacional fans Medellin, Colombia

I loved the atmosphere and will definitely return to a game. Atletico Nacional won the game 4-3.