Last updated on June 4th, 2020

I was traveling around Colombia in February and made my way to Barranquilla Carnival.

Between the street meat, concerts, and cervezas during carnival, I took some photos.

Barranquilla Carnival musician
Barranquilla Carnival male performer
Barranquilla Carnival tourist and local
Barranquilla Carnival mascot
Barranquilla Carnivallittle girl smiling
Barranquilla Carnival little girl with with face painted
Barranquilla Carnival clown
Barranquilla Carnival police officers
Barranquilla Carnival couple
Barranquilla Carnival Dancing on the street

When is Barranquilla Carnival?

Barranquilla Carnival is usually held in February and lasts about 4 days. It takes place before Ash Wednesday. The pre-carnival or pre-celebration starts in January.

If you want to attend Barranquilla Carnival, you’ll have to reserve a room months in advance. Accommodation becomes full closer to the parade dates.

Safety Tip — Avoid getting robbed. In Colombia, many parties are celebrated with large, tall cans of foam. The foam is used similar to silly string: it is sprayed on people and into large crowds. I even saw a car driving through a party street in Barranquilla and became covered in foam.

Thieves spray the foam into your eyes. Naturally, people would use their hands to remove the foam. At this moment, thieves will pick-pocket you. This happened to a friend of mine. She was partying on the street with about 10 people and they were all foamed in their eyes. Their valuables were quickly stolen.

Luckily for me, I was avoiding all the foam, not because of theft, but due to the heat. Barranquilla is humid and sticky during carnival. I had to take two or three showers per day. Getting foam in my face will add one more shower which I didn’t want.

Nonetheless, Barranquilla Carnival is still fun with kind Colombians and delicious food. It’s much more than a carnival.